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HundrED Manifesto

The purpose of education is to help every child flourish, no matter what happens in life.

In a fast changing world focusing on traditional academic skills will remain important, but that is not enough. To thrive as global citizens, children must be equipped with a breadth of skills.

For innovators

Do you have an innovation the world needs to know about? It’s free to share your work on HundrED.org

Share Your Innovation

Share your innovation

At HundrED we discover, research and share inspiring innovations in K12 education.

If your innovative practice is impactful, innovative and scalable, help us share it with the world.

Discover our Global 2019 Collection 

Explore other innovations that have been shared on our HundrED Open platform

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Share your innovation

While we are advocates of child-centric approach and personalized, passion-based learning, the relationship between an inspired teacher and a motivated student will remain essential. Assessment has to be aligned with the core purpose of helping kids flourish and all of this should be reflected in the learning environments of the future.

For implementers

Looking for innovations to suit your needs? Discover inspiring, pedagogically-sound innovations from around the world. 

Find Innovations

Find innovations

Our goal is to help improve education and foster a movement through encouraging valuable, impactful & scalable innovations to spread, mindful of context, across the world.

Explore our Finnish innovations recognized in 2016-17

and Global 2018 Collection recognized in 2017-18

You can also find innovations that have been shared by innovators around the world on our HundrED Open platform.

(NB: Innovations in HundrED Open have not been discovered, researched, and approved by HundrED and do not have the official endorsement of HundrED, but are made available here for the purposes of sharing inspiring ideas globally.)

Looking for something in particular? Use our search button to find innovations covering the topic and theme that interests you. 

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To make this happen, we need visionary leadership at every level of our education system and ambitious education innovations; innovative, impactful and scalable approaches that are effective also in low resource environments.

The world of education is full of hardworking specialists who are making this happen every day.

Our mission at HundrED is to give them recognition and visibility they deserve.

HundrED 2018

HundrED has selected 100 inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Find out more by exploring our toolkits.

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