Writing innovations

Writing is a way of communicating that allows students to share their ideas, thoughts and perspectives on paper or on the computer. Writing differs based on grade level and at the highest level includes an ability to construct and organize knowledge into a well constructed text.
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Histórias pra Contar App
O "Histórias pra Contar" é uma ferramenta simples para criar incríveis livros digitais. Com recursos simples, o app se concentra no desenvolvimento do conteúdo por estudantes e professores. Por meio d
Writing Assistant Software
Ecree is a remote learning tool that gives students immediate teacher-quality writing feedback as they write. Developed by educators, Ecree helps students from blank screen to final paper with simple,
Invigos - Empowering everyone to be a good writer.
Invigos’ cloud-based writing tool offers ‒ unlike MS Word and Google Docs ‒ inspiration to get started and guidance to continually manage the complexities of creating a well-written text. Ultimately,
Tales Toolkit
Award winning Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child led resources for early years using symbols representing story structure. Resources give children independence to create stories around interest
Clicker is an award-winning literacy support tool designed to support and empower children of all abilities, from emergent readers and writers to struggling spellers.