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Cell-Ed Workforce Readiness Mobile Platform
Over 50% of the world’s workforce doesn't have the life or job skills needed. Cell-Ed bridges that gap with scientifically proven 3-minute mobile lessons + live coaches to nurture and nudge. Cell-Ed’s
A parent and/or student receives a SMS/MMS to a feature and/or smartphone with a daily learning objective and tasks from a teacher or Educational Experience Manager, asynchronous or synchronous social
La Aldea: Stories to stay at home (
La Aldea (The Village) is a multi-platform pedagogical strategy focused on educating children in citizenship and socio-emotional skills. In this learning universe, based on stories of a group of anima
EMAT, reliable digital learning for K12 students
The EMAT platform is an online software for K12 students, teachers and managers. Personalized, adaptive method, based on challenges, it allows serving the students' diversity. The implementation inclu
Building the Town of NumberOpolis!
Imagination, global numeric linkages and recycled materials encourage students to experiment with math on their own terms. The multi-disciplinary one-day to full-year engaging program alleviates math
時習教育 LIFE in life
「為何而學?」 時習教育以落實在日常的體驗式學習為核心,我們致力在將學科知識變得更加貼近生活,並提升學習者的學習興趣。 【學習是一種體驗】 從過去到現在,時習教育嘗試過各種不一樣的形式推廣「時而學習」的價值:從文章的撰寫與募集、親子課程的開設、課綱的撰寫與分享、生活數學系列影集。成立三年來,我們更與全臺灣各級學校直接合作,有效改變孩子對知識的看法! 【沉浸式學習基地】 現在,時習教育以位
'What if you only had $1.25 a day?'
This project connected Math with other subjects through research about real-world problems and Sustainable Development Goals. Students applied math knowledge (statistics and financial skills), but als