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Impulse Neiry
Impulse Neiry is a bundle of hardware and software - virtual reality headset with built-in brain-computer interface, VR-games for education and application to track students progress. Our in-house BCI
"School of Fish" Digital Literacy Curriculum
"School of Fish" -World’s 1st Digital Literacy curriculum teaching “Computational Thinking & Netiquette" through gamification & mobile APPs across different learning formats - classroom, hybrid, virt
Dream Flight Adventures Educational Simulators
We blend technology, engineering, and science with social studies, humanities, art while also teaching over forty 21st-century skills. In addition to these, each mission also includes its own unique
Public Speaking Pro
Rooted in uniquely developed methodology, Public Speaking Pro™ trainings are based on experiential and immersive learning techniques that notably enhance oracy, communication and public speaking skil
時習教育 LIFE in life
「為何而學?」 時習教育以落實在日常的體驗式學習為核心,我們致力在將學科知識變得更加貼近生活,並提升學習者的學習興趣。 【學習是一種體驗】 從過去到現在,時習教育嘗試過各種不一樣的形式推廣「時而學習」的價值:從文章的撰寫與募集、親子課程的開設、課綱的撰寫與分享、生活數學系列影集。成立三年來,我們更與全臺灣各級學校直接合作,有效改變孩子對知識的看法! 【沉浸式學習基地】 現在,時習教育以位