Game Based Learning innovations

What better way to engage students than through games? The following innovations merge the fun of games and introduce key outcomes and aspects of the curriculum in creative and dynamic ways.
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ChenqueSTEAM: Club de tecnología para niños
La flexibilidad, la capacidad de aprender con otros, colaborar y ser resiliente, son habilidades esenciales del siglo XXI. En ChenqueSTEAM, desarrollamos pequeños programas que nos permiten desarroll
FLOW Experience
FLOW is a live experience on the Future of Work designed to stimulate the knowledge and reflection about the topics related to it. Highly adaptable and customizable to a physical or virtual setting,
Geniu Kids
GeniU es una plataforma online de aprendizaje creativo basado en juego para desarrollar el potencial creativo en niños y niños, buscamos que nuestra comunidad se divierta al mismo tiempo que aprende h
Kshitiz Learning Fair
Kshitiz Learning Fair event intended to broaden students’ Kshitij (horizon) for their learning and ultimately their life. It holds the instigating factor for the learning of the students, teachers, an
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
A game-based learning platform that allows educators to create fun learning games in minutes. Students take part in games at school or at home and can even create their own. Kahoot’s mission is to unl
Te Iwi Matihiko | The Digital Village
Our programme helps young people, parents and teachers understand the impact that digital spaces play on our overall wellbeing. We provide a foundation on which the key values of respect, compassion a
Koonta - the most advanced education technology merges with hands-on, experiential learning to develop 21-century skills and by utilizing cutting edge AI algorithms provide advanced learning analytics
Skolen Online -
With online classes taught by skilled teachers and the possibility to self-study we provide learning solutions for students traveling, living abroad as well as for students not not thriving in tradit
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Night Zookeeper
A digital learning tool that inspires children to create their own characters who live in a magical digital world. The focus is to improve writing skills through gamified learning.
Moka Mera Lingua
Welcome to the world of Moka Mera! Moka Mera Lingua is a fun and creative way for children to learn new languages the natural way – through play. The Moka Mera Lingua application is free and safe for
Fun China World
Fun China World ( provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China where they accomplish engaging ques
Tomyo Edtech
TomYo – is an educational technology platform that connects educational content creators with users who aspire to study abroad through personalized learning journeys such as language courses, mentors,