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Businesses Helping Meet Education Needs
The aim of the campaign is to provide equal possibility for every student to access online and distance learning solutions by providing donated computers for students in need.
Ribbon FINLAND 100
Mehackit provides robotics and programming courses for lower and upper secondary education. During the courses, students build technology projects and learn the basics of programming.
We developed a reading method and a webapp which combine reading and social networking, a place where students can read, comment, share and learn together. The teacher chooses a book, sets a reading c
Serlo Education
Serlo.org is a free learning platform offering bespoke learning experiences in the classroom and beyond. By enhancing self-directed learning in students, serlo.org allows teachers to devote their clas
helps improve learning outcomes through quality learning objects, practice tests that provide instant feedback upon completion. Using gamified learning, kids are able to learn from a computer, phone,
MITRA is a techology intervention that aims to provide students and teachers in the state of Maharashtra access to contextual and localized teaching learning resources and foster a culture of independ
KIBO - World’s first intelligent, personalized reading-learning companion for the blind and visually-impaired
KIBO comprises of KIBO-XS device, KIBO Mobile & KIBO Web. KIBO reads & translates printed/handwritten/digital text across 100+ languages in real-time via audio. Our AI driven technology enables visual
School diaries
School Diaries is a disruptive edu-tech social venture that is using the power of stories to raise funding as well as to inspire and motivate kids especially girl children in low literacy communities
Khud Initiative
Khud means "self" in Urdu. Using lessons from the ages as well as contemporary ones, we are building a modern platform to give children from marginalized background a fighting chance. Currently we ar
Message from Me
Message from Me (MfM) serves as a tool for young children to communicate with their families about their daily activities and learning experiences through the use of digital pictures and recorded audi
Classtime (www.classtime.com)
Classtime is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on every student’s level of understanding by asking questions and validating answers. Our Collaborative
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
ImmerseMe (https://immerseme.co/) is about virtually stepping into a beautiful and authentic location to learn a language, so that when you travel to these wonderful places in real-life, you'll be pre