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Our digital learning platform has the following modes which enable pupils to learn and revise: Learn Mode - This is a digital library for pupils. It has topical notes for English, Math, Social studie
DaMon Education
DaMon Education (pronounced as /dɑː mɔːn ˌɛd͡ʒʊˈkeɪʃn̩/) is an e-learning platform that connects learners with instructors and the first online knowledge exchange marketplace for Vietnamese people liv
User-friendly interface, development speed is 11 times higher than analogs, block format of course design, adaptive learning for the student's style, created courses are suitable for any mobile platfo
we lift people by teaching them, online and free, how to become an entrepreneur
Using our online Platform, Universidad Posible, Banesco, one of the biggest panamenian banks and us, IUGT International/Universidad Posible, plan to teach 20.000 young latinamericans how to become ent
Formación Continua Poliestudios
Somos una gran equipo que trabaja intensamente para educar online a las poblaciones vulnerables de Iberoamérica y así mejorar su calidad de vida y la de sus familias. Educamos con responsabilidad, gen
TOMi simulates internet access in the classroom while helps the teacher to plan fun and effective classes based on thousand of classes already created by other teachers around the world, grades in-pap
Edthena is a video-powered professional learning platform for educators. Teachers upload videos of teaching, and colleagues provide timestamped feedback. Perfect for video observation, instructional c
High-quality education will be more important than ever. Yet, learning results have been in decline. Whilst plenty of focus has been placed on improving the learners experience, we ask: How can we
Squirrel AI Learning
Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group is the first K12 EdTech company which specializes in intelligent adaptive education in China and is the market leader. Squirrel AI Learning is the first domestic ad
Despite the efforts made over the past few years, access to education in Sub-Saharan Africa remains a challenge. The great ambition of SCOLARYX through its educational Box solution with accessible les
We collect gently used laptops from corporations and institutions then wipe and load them with an operating system, software and a wealth of interactive educational content. We offer an offline soluti
Impulse Neiry
Impulse Neiry is a bundle of hardware and software - virtual reality headset with built-in brain-computer interface, VR-games for education and application to track students progress. Our in-house BCI