Economically disadvantaged innovations

Economically Disadvantaged refers to students that live in a household with an income below average. This can differ between contexts and countries.
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PATAC works promoting the learning of art and culture for the preservation of the textil biocultural heritage of indigenous communities through entrepreneurship and the learning of the ancestral texti
Inverse inclusion
At ICAL we have developed an education model called “inverse inclusion”. We bring formal education to low-income deaf and non-deaf children and teenagers in an environment where the first group repres
Digital Natives Academy
Digital Natives Academy, a non-profit, established in 2014 aims to encourage young people wanting to enter the digital tech industry the power to create, transform, shape and develop their own digital
Co-Publishing Project : Inspire Taiwan children from remote schools learning motivation
Visual is the worldwide language.This project has already published two kind of Visual composition books which total amount are 6,000 copies. We combined smart phones, internet and social media. Child
Sakha Esthu - Parent Support Programme
A collaborative project between UNICEF, Nelson Mandela University, The Department of Health & Early Inspiration gave rise to parent support group across the city under the name, Sakha Esethu. This com