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PRAKASHAK: Parent’s Remote Assistance and Knowledge Support for Holistic Advancement of Kids.

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● Empowering parents in their children’s learning pathway - with PRAKASHAK

ThinkZone's PRAKASHAK project provides early-grade learning access to low-income communities using a non-internet-based approach. Parents participate through remote instructions, covering subjects and learning levels, with engaging and free-of-cost user-friendly modules for children aged 3-10 and improve their foundational skills.


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Target group
May 2023
Our goal is to create a sustainable parent-children learning engagement nationwide through low-cost technology, involving government school teachers. By integrating parental engagement into government schools, we aim to improve learning outcomes from the foundational level and align with the latest National Education Policy.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

50 million Indian children in primary schools don’t have the required foundational literacy and numeracy skills. This situation has already worsened due to the pandemic with millions of children losing basic skills by not being able to attend online classes. As schools start reopening, continued learning at home and parental involvement will be key in helping children bridge the learning gap.

How does your innovation work in practice?

ThinkZone's PRAKASHAK program provides daily remote instructions using text messages and automated voice calls in vernacular language to support parents of children going to primary schools in activity-based learning content for a few minutes a day. Apart from this, there are weekly live 15-20 minutes phone calls from trained teachers who provide a direct walkthrough of the learning activities sent via text message and calls. The solution also incorporates an offline-based mobile app solution which is used by teachers to train themselves on home-based learning support to students, track their progress & tweak their call responses. Parents are also provided with a toll-free number which they can call to go through the content again. The activities have been segregated based on learning levels & subjects. Children can engage in the content by hearing activities on the toll-free number, giving answers & have the option to speak to eductors.

How has it been spreading?

PRAKASHAK is being implemented in a formal partnership with the Odisha's(India) education department. 35000 children are already a part of the home-based learning program and we have also up-skilled 797 teachers using the offline-based mobile app solutions for providing support to families for at-home learning. Independent RCT evaluation has found a statistically significant improvement in mathematics and language (Odia) learning levels of children, by as much as 24.9% scores improvement in 5 months. We plan to deploy advanced modules of our solutions to reach out to an additional 100000 children/parents in the next 2 years and track their learning progress, with especially how the program has supported in foundational literacy & numeracy skills improvement.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To get access to our home-learning activitity contents anybody can scan the QR code available on our website and send a ‘hi’ to get started. To contextualize our contents, one may contact us through our email id (hi@thinkzone.in) and WhatsApp number (+91-9178198947).


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Implementation steps

Choose a dedicated time and place for learning act
Parents need to schedule 30 mins of their time suitable for them and their kids so that neither of them feels pressured or exhausted. Parents are also advised to choose a space where they are not stressed or disturbed and not likely to be distracted.
Initiate learning activities with children
During initial engagements, we advise parents not to limit themselves to our instructional activities but choose any activity which gravitates their children’s attention and gradually start doing learning activities provided by us.
Interact with your children
Let the children watch or listen to the stories in the loop if they insist and at the end ask the instructed questions to their children. And don't limit the conversation to instruction but encourage their kids to speak their heart.
Consistency is the key
We advise parents to engage with their children only twice a week and be consistent every week so that kids get used to this process and adopt it as their daily routine.

Spread of the innovation

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