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We use the strategy of chess to create educational and social change through innovative student led community-based projects.

The Queen's Gambit Chess Institute

Pittsburgh, United States
Imagine a world where every child has the tools to succeed and uses those tools to spark change in their community. We teach chess in areas where students don't have regular access to education, and we connect them with the resources they need to make a difference. Students learn about real-world issues and use the strategy of chess to come up with achievable solutions.

Life is a Chess Game. Do you want to play?

Ashley Lynn Priore, Founder/President/CEO
“Chess has the power to change the world. You just have to learn how to play and start a game. ”

Ashley Lynn Priore, Founder/President/CEO

The Queen's Gambit Chess Institute is a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization dedicated to teaching chess to the community. We ensure every child has the necessary tools and opportunities to learn the game of chess through a 21st-century approach to education. We partner with local government, Remake Learning, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Public Schools, community centers, and other groups in the city to make chess accessible and used for educational and social benefits. One important aspect of the work we do is community-based projects. Students learn about real-world issues and use the strategy of chess to come up with achievable solutions. These issues range from racial inequalities, low-income housing, and lack of STEAM-focused learning. Some solutions include writing mock legislation to send to the local government, hosting advocacy events, and more.

We were built on...

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Forging creative partnerships

Enhancing critical thinking and development skills for a better Pittsburgh

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Chess is a portable classroom. All you need to start this journey is a chess set.
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