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Education for Holistic Liberation

Teach For The Gambia

Wangarni are trained on Montessori, critical and indigenous pedagogy and placed in classrooms for a two-year fellowship. They receive ongoing transformational leadership training, and nurture community and student leadership. Post fellowship they go on to positions of influence in educational, community, governmental and business ad work to transform the education system for all children.
"The current generation of leaders & peoples of Africa must pick up the flickering torch of African freedom refuel it with their enthusiasm and determination."

Julius Nyerere, First President of Tanzania


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Updated on November 3rd, 2020
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Teach For The Gambia

What we do?

We believe that education is a critical tool in the liberation of the people of Africa.  Systemic issues contribute to poor educational outcomes for children.  To transform this system Teach For The Gambia has received early support and coaching from the Teach For All global organization, and is working to meet the partnership criteria set out by the network and then join as a full partner. 

We select and recruit diverse, unconventional potential leaders. We call them Wangarni.  We provide them with Montessori, critical and indigenous pedagogical training and place them in high need classrooms for two years.  During this fellowship, Wangarni are supported to grow their leadership revolutionalize outcomes for children; nurture and grow student and community leadership.

Informed by their work in communities and schools, post-fellowship Wangarni go on to  work in positions of influence to dismantle the systems that lead to poor outcomes.

What is Innovative?

We see leadership as the key to transforming educational systems and we invest in collective contextualized leadership.

We value indigenous knowledge systems and language and pedagogy of place as central to the liberation process.

We focus on identifying trauma, centering healing practices in our Wangarni training, classrooms and communities.

We work on holistic learning for both adults and children.

Wangarni who have been left out of the education system (dropped out or didn't succeed academically) are keep to building and system that works for all. They are offered a chance  "reclaim" their right to education and "restore" their self-esteem to Montessori training, and to support the learning of all children.

We focus on locally made learning materials and training of vocational skills.

Why we do it?

60% of Gambia's population are youth.  Over 30% are unemployed,.

88% of 7-14 year olds lack foundation literacy skills

1/3 of Gambian children are out of school


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