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A capacity building program that seeks to empower early childhood education facilitators specifically those located in rural ECE centers


Early Childhood Education success depends on 1) Access and 2) Quality. The program model draws on the best practice for developing the expertise, knowledge, and motivation of teachers through Training, Coaching and Mentoring. ECDE Centres need to have an effective capacity building if they are to operate optimally and improve the quality of pre-primary education

Quality pre-primary education sets a strong foundation for learning outcomes

Maria Montessori,(August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952) was an Italian physician and educator b
“The goal for Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn”

Maria Montessori,(August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952) was an Italian physician and educator b

Building of a shared vision of  successful teaching effective learning and a shared skills based pedagogy. 

Raise standards of pupil  achievement and promote high  quality learning and teaching in Early Childhood Education Centers. 

Encourage teachers to talk  about what makes good  pedagogical practice, the  elements that need to be present  for effective teaching and successful  learning to take place.

Why we do it?

Evidence is growing on the educational, social and economic benefits of quality early childhood education for children and the society. In particular,  quality pre-primary education has shown to boost school readiness, learning achievement and education system efficiency.

The inclusion of pre-primary and early childhood development in the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development 2015–2030 is evidence of this increased global attention. Specifically, “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education” is the second target of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 on education (UNESCO 2016, ).

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Kelvin Malenya

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