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An approach to teaching/learning that focuses on critical, systems, strategic, & creative thinking to address & solve real-world challenges

Solutionary Learning

Surry, ME, USA
The Institute for Humane Education provides resources & training to educate young people to be solutionaries who can build a world in which all may thrive. These include a free Solutionary Guidebook; free activities/resources; workshops; and online graduate programs through Antioch University (Ed.D., M.Ed., M.A., Graduate Certificate)

Let's Educate a Solutionary Generation

“This amazing guide offers teachers a dependable companion as they dive into this essential work with their students. I have not seen anything quite like it in my 25 years as an educator. Five stars!”

Julie Meltzer, 2019 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year

What we do?

The Institute for Humane Education offers online graduate programs through an affiliation with Antioch University; a Center for Solutionary Change that serves as a hub for learning, professional development, and sharing; and high impact speaking and outreach.

Why we do it?

We believe that a just, humane, and sustainable world is possible, and that we must educate people to create a world in which all humans, animals, and nature may thrive. Educating a solutionary generation is a win for kids, a win for teachers and schools, and a win for the world.

Here's what teachers and students have to say about Solutionary Learning:

"Solutionary learning is one of the ultimate student-centered approach to education. In fact, it is one of the most powerful teaching strategies I have observed." ~ Bill Nave, former Maine Teacher of the Year

"The Solutionary Guidebook is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD" ~ Julia Fliss, 6th grade teacher

"We need this in our school." ~ Sixth grade student participating in our solutionary program

"We're learning way more from this project than we've ever learned from our regular science projects." ~ Sixth grade student participating in our solutionary program.

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Target Group
100 000
Tips for implementation
Visit: Download the free Solutionary Guidebook here: You'll find more resources and a Solutionary Unit as well. Contact with questions and/or suggestions.

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Solutionary Guidebook
In this free guidebook you'll find a 14-step process for implementing solutionary learning and action into your educational setting.
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Resource Center
At IHE's online resource center you'll find activities, lesson plans, global issues guides, and other resources to bring solutionary learning to your educational setting
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