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Students are currently losing their interest in education by blindly memorizing facts from textbooks without understanding concepts.


Fremont, United States
Our product, VR Education, combines virtual reality technology with education. Our company aims to use the textbook content to create lessons that students can interact with. Imagine that you are standing in a war scene in the middle of the battle. As you look around you see a famous general, and when you click on him more information will pop up directly from the textbook.

About Scintilla

““Unfold a vision of the world for students to experience learning in a unique fashion, while utilizing information from textbooks. We will change the world of education through virtual reality to create a spark in education; V R Scintilla.” -Reyna Rajkumar, Ishani Ashok, Divya Machineni ”

    Our team consists of 3 members: Ishani Ashok, Reyna Rajkumar, and Divya Machineni. Despite our differences, our team got through this journey together and came out better than before. Our team was formed during mid-September of 2018.  

     Each one of us started actively brainstorming problems in everyday lives and whether we can create a solution. All three of us recognized many issues with learning methods students use. Although we were already aware of this issue, we never directly addressed it; until we came together. All of us decided that we need to fix this outrageous problem. Ishani utilized the use of her marketing experience to create a solid business plan. Reyna formed and finalized our idea for Scintilla. In addition, she built the prototype which we will use for the base of our product. Divya researched topics in virtual reality and found a virtual reality professional to help lead us through this project. 

     While converting our vision into a tangible idea, we had to overcome many hurdles. There are many choices of what to put into the virtual reality lesson. With so many options, we were unsure of which to choose. In the end, we chose the digital lesson, as it is the most unambiguous. In addition, our team got invited to spend a week in London, presenting our product to over 800 different companies at the LearnIt World Conference. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity, and we have great plans for Scintilla in the future. 

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Innovation Overview
12 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
To create our product we will need to first find text book publishers to allow us to use the content from their the books. To convert the lessons to VR we plan to use the a cross-platform gaming engine called Unity to create things such as graphics. To use this software we would like to have some technical support and someone who can teach us how to use this platform more in-depth.
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Acquiring Content
We need to contact textbook companies so that they can allow us to use their content in our VR lessons
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Finish Product
Currently, our working prototype is not enough for people to use. We plan to finish our product by the end of August 2019 and test it on students.
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We want to test our product out on students to see if it will actually help them learn better in a visual environment.
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Implementing in to society
Once the product is complete we need to market schools to get them to use this product.
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