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An in-school social-emotional learning program for teachers and children

Ready for the World

Hyderabad, India
Ready for the World is a comprehensive, structured, in-school SEL program for teacher-educators and children between 8-14 years. The program toolkit is designed to build awareness, process, practice, vocabulary and environment of SEL in schools, and has age-specific lesson plans, engagement tools, teacher SEL material - all designed to bring SEL to life!

An in-school social-emotional learning program for teachers and children

Subbu Parameswaran, CEO, Learning Curve Foundation
“SEL is critical to adulthood outcomes and well-being, and integral to learning”

Subbu Parameswaran, CEO, Learning Curve Foundation

Why do we exist?

Just as a plant needs a combination of air, water, soil and sunlight to flourish, a child needs a combination of physical, intellectual, social and emotional development in order to achieve meaningful adulthood and life outcomes.

If the goal of education is to prepare students to lead relevant, meaningful and gainfully employed lives, then our education system is not prepared. Home to 250 million children and 1.5 million schools, India’s education system is built around cognitive outcomes, which is a bubble waiting to burst as the student enters adulthood and the workforce, where one is expected to have the ability to self-regulate, adapt, build relationships, handle conflicts and collaborate.

We believe that SEL is the missing element in schools, and should not be left to life  - SEL should be part of every child’s education - particularly for children from low income backgrounds, social-emotional development holds the key to equitable adulthood outcomes

What we do

  • We bring a whole school approach to SEL - engaging teachers, school administrators and parents to make SEL real for the child
  • We provide age-relevant and progressive student SEL curriculum, and teacher learning material with a focus on teacher well-being and development
  • Using a multi-stage approach to SEL, we build adoption, capacity and process over a period of 3-5 years with structured support systems for the school
  • We generate evidence and measure SEL through a comprehensive evaluation framework for teachers, schools and students

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
42 500
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
Participate in our teacher SEL workshops ; Allocate time in-school for SEL ; Facilitate age -appropriate SEL sessions using the lesson plans ; Use the toolkit's affirmation cards and posters to create positive cultures ; Use the toolkit's reward badges and stickers to reinforce student behaviours

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