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Creating New Leaders and Supporting Vulnerable Children and Young People

QIC: Quality Interactions and Creativity CIC

QIC: Quality Interactions and Creativity is a community interest company (CIC) that trains young people and young adults (16 -30) from diverse backgrounds to develop skills in our unique blend of creative and solution focused thinking, arts, adaptability, responsiveness, emotional and philosophical learning and facilitation; this is delivered as a bespoke programme, based on the learners needs.
"We work with your most at risk groups, raise their self-esteem and create positive, empowered children and young people"

Talmud Bah Cert Ed FRSA MInstLM, Founder and Chief Executive Director


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Updated on May 6th, 2020
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What is QIC: Quality Interactions and Creativity CIC?

Inclusive Education, Mentoring and Support Programme: Exclusion Reduction Specialists.

For Families, Primary, Secondary, FE, Alternative Provisions, PRU's and Children's and Young People's Services.

 Our Vision 

“Our vision is to inspire and enhance the quality of interaction of vulnerable children and young people in primary and secondary schools in Lewisham and South-East London personally, socially and emotionally, through creative education. To enable them to develop, empathy, communication and interactive skills, remove their barriers to learning and foster collaboration and problem solving by using creativity, our diverse experience and skill set, our unique perspective and insight; in this spirit to develop positive role models, leaders and facilitators, creating paid work opportunities for young people and adults". 


Our Mission  

"Through our unique insight into human behaviour, a diverse range of experience, skills and a responsive approach, our mission is to facilitate and support the interpersonal, communicative, empathetic learning development and interactive skills of children, young people and young adults in Lewisham and South-East London. To enhance and improve the quality of their daily interactions in both their home and school lives; to create future young leaders to fulfil this mission." 

 Our Values 

• To enhance the quality of interactions of at risk children and young people in primary and secondary schools through creative education, in order to help them overcome their social and emotional barriers to learning 

• To develop and facilitate their creative, collaborative, interactive and communicative skills, in response to their needs and aspirations 

• To use our diverse range of experience and skills to train new leaders and facilitators, so they can meet the needs of a diverse range of children and young people 

• To work with and support vulnerable children to develop empathy, understanding and equality 

What is QIC? 

QIC: Quality Interactions and Creativity programme 

Quality Interactions and Creativity (QIC) is a community interest company (CIC) that trains young people and young adults (16 -30) from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop and acquire unique skills of creative and solution focused thinking, coaching, teaching and facilitation; to run sessions for vulnerable children and young people in primary and secondary schools (key stage 1 - 5),PRU's, alternative provisions and FE; in order to inspire, support and enable them, to realize their own capacity for greatness, develop emotional resilience and reengage with learning. This provision guarantees access to those most in need, reduces exclusions and provides positive role models and mentors, whilst creating work opportunities for young people and adults. 


See this innovation in action

Nick Simms Federation Assistant Headteacher  Achievement and Attainment The King Alfred Federation  ‘The adults quickly built a good report with the children and were able to communicate effectively. Talmud’s communication was really good in the organisation of the event. The team were professional and friendly. From the outset, the children were really engaged in the activities and wanted to take part. They got a lot out of the session and asked when the next one was. The children who took part faced a wide range of challenges including, difficult home lives, ability to focus in class, the ability to be respectful to all people they come across, maintaining peer relationships, making the right decisions, levels of resilience. The children enjoyed the session and definitely took useful strategies and ideas away that hopefully they will use in and out of school.’ 
Michael Roach Interim Director of Lewisham Learning (0.8) Headteacher of John Ball Primary School (0.2) National Leader of Education  Talmud Bah worked with me whilst I was the Executive Headteacher at Torridon Junior School. He was engaged in a focussed piece of work for us where he led and coordinated a mentoring programme with a group of boys in Y6, the majority of whom were underachieving or experiencing various challenges and barriers to their learning. The majority of the pupils were BAME.  Talmud’s skills in quickly building trust and a positive relationship with the boys was exceptional. He quickly developed a dialogue with them where they were able to articulate for themselves what they were finding challenging as well as the solutions they might employ to improve things. In a number of cases he used their own personal interests, skills and talents, such as music, to further develop the relationship and build the self-esteem of pupils.  Talmud was also able to reach out to the parents and families of the boys and extend his work to supporting them. In one particular case he was instrumental in mediating between the family and the school to secure a positive outcome for all.  The impact of the work was that the attendance, behaviour and wider achievement of almost all of the boys improved over time. Where the pupils had identified SEND Talmud was able to work with other staff at the school to ensure his approach was inclusive and in line with the strategies already in place as well as proving further insight about the pupils’ vies in order to amend practice.  I would highly recommend Talmud to you. 


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Build relationship with the institution; understand where and they need support; offer a bespoke package based on this need.
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