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Rooted in uniquely developed methodology, Public Speaking Pro™ trainings are based on experiential and immersive learning techniques that notably enhance oracy, communication and public speaking skills of children. 8- to 18-year-olds are brought in direct contact with the real world presenting to and interacting with and in front of professionals, industries’ leaders and media.
Marina Shacola, Founder and Chairwoman, Sophia Foundation for Children
I was amazed and impressed with this fresh and innovative approach to public speaking! The thoughts and ideas that the children were communicating were unexpected and outstanding.

Marina Shacola, Founder and Chairwoman, Sophia Foundation for Children


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Updated on January 28th, 2021
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Experiential and immersive learning to raise confident communicators

When given the opportunity, children are able to demonstrate originality of thought and depth of vision on such topics as art and law, math and music, water conservation and the role of corporations, give fresh and unexpected ideas for charity work and fundraising. All of these topics have been highlighted by students and graduates of Public Speaking Pro™. With the right tools, instruments and preparation the young voices carry depth and substance transcending age, geography and other boundaries. 

What we do?

Public Speaking Pro™ graduates age 8 to 18 grow as confident communicators and critical thinkers with the interpersonal communications skills for success in their everyday lives and the today’s world. At the end of the training program, the participants are brought in direct contact with the real world in Spotlights on Public Speaking, where children and youth present, debate, compete and interact with a live audience consisting of leaders from various industries of business, technologies, innovations and media. In this way, Public Speaking Pro™ paves the way to make young voices heard on the topics that are of interest and relevance for today's youth, the world and society at large.

Why we do it?

Children and adults equally are increasingly immersed in the digital world. The interpersonal skills are, however, absolutely critical at the development stage of an individual. Public Speaking Pro™ is the way to inspire, empower and enable children with the relevant skills and tools to grow and become confident in their communication and self-expression.

How we do it?

Innovation and education have become inseparable. Innovating education is about testing and implementing new ways for making education relevant, applicable and accessible. Educating for innovation prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s global and digitalised economy.

Rooted in the uniquely developed methodology, the master-classes are based on experiential and immersive learning techniques that are employed for the result-oriented outcomes. Each of the learning sessions is practical, applied and designed to notably enhance oracy, communication and public speaking skills of the participants. 

What do we do differently?

Public Speaking Pro™ is based on an experiential and immersive teaching techniques that allow for the students to see and feel their progress already after the first training and for the notable results to be achieved short-term. The innovativeness of the approach is further supported with children and youth being put in contact with the real world, demonstrating their oracy skills on topics that matter to all of us, and presenting in front of a live audience who offer their support and feedback.

How do we make an impact?

Children and youth develop interpersonal, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, enhance their critical thinking and creativity, build self-confidence and in a gentle way step outside of their comfort zone to become effective communicators. Motivation, curiosity towards learning and building up the personal strength are fostered among all participants. Student progress and evaluations are closely monitored, and the excellent feedback received from students, parents and organizational partners has served as the stepping stone in expanding the geography of Public Speaking Pro™ trainings.

Let's make young voices heard together!

Since 2017, Public Speaking Pro™ has pro-actively tested, developed and polished the concept of teaching communication skills to children and youth, while building their confidence in self-expression. The first steps in expanding the concept internationally have already taken place. We warmly welcome potential collaboration with different schools and educational organisations from all around the world.


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Get in touch
To find out more about Public Speaking Pro™ approach and work with us, simply get in touch.
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Organise Public Speaking Pro™ master-class in your city
We bring in a turn-key solution designed specifically to your school’s vision. The trainings are planned and delivered by us, with your input for the desired focus areas, learning outcomes, scheduling requirements, preferred age groups and other essentials.
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Gain visibility for your school in the community
At the end of the training programs, our Spotlight on Public Speaking brings together professional audience, making it an effective way to raise the profile of your school within the local and international community.
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