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Pianoheart music samples
Dr. Anna Nikina-Ruohonen

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Making Music Created by Children Heard


Helsinki, Finland
Pianoheart® inspires the joyful sense of creativity and supports children in their musical and songwriting development. We enable children to step outside the boundaries of traditional education to probe, experiment and grow. Created pieces are officially registered, demonstrated via competitions and other outlets to make music experiments and improvisations by children heard and taken seriously.

Talent is not born, but created

Anna, age 9
“I like creating music, because you find new things in music and you write them down, and then out of this you can make a new melody.”

Anna, age 9

We do things differently.

Musical improvisation is the process of creating something new without previous preparation. In the process of developing a musical talent, this approach allows the children to see and feel their progress already from the first steps and for the notable results to be achieved short-term. In this sense, children's musical improvisations and songwriting carry all the signs of professional creative activity of composers.

The innovativeness of the approach is further supported with children and youth being put in contact with the real world, demonstrating their own compositions in front of a live audience, with the created pieces officially registered and presented through competitions, TV, radio and other outlets to make music made by children heard and taken seriously.

Pianoheart® has produced over 300 original music compositions.

Our music created in co-authorship with and for children and youth has received international recognition: spread within different countries worldwide, performed in front of live audiences, on TV and radio stations. Several of the songs have held top positions within radio charts based on audience choice.

We support and  develop creativity among young talents in creating original music and songs. Our joint creation has brought high results, for example, reaching strong chart positions on the professional portal "TopHIT" based on the request of radio listeners, as well as in concert programs. Winner of the first place in the international Top Hit Music Awards “Audience Choice Top Artists 2016”.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Pianoheart® is introduced internationally and has an extended partnership network with musicians, studios, production companies and music creators to support young starting composers. Our music experts are affiliated with Grammy’s (USA), European Foundation of Women Composers operating under UNESCO and other international professional associations.

The Pianoheart® music is diverse, including modern orchestra and piano pieces, songs and original arrangements.

Pianoheart® is about shaping the future of music.

Improvisation, composition, songwriting increase motivation and interest of children towards studying music as a whole. Music develops the skills and desire to work, teaches to overcome obstacles and achieve – talents are not born, but created.

At Pianoheart®, we are dedicated to exploring new horizons in music: discovering inspiring innovations to help improve musical expression of children and youth.

We support the development of young talents in composing and writing music albums for orchestra and piano. The concrete outcomes include professional music pieces and songs being officially registered with copyright protection. 

Children music and songs – written with and for children – is the core competence of Pianoheart®. In our music projects, we have cooperated with international charity organisations and have also worked with professional authors and well-established performers.

Impacting children and youth beyond fostering their musical expression.

Pianoheart® nurtures children strength of spirit beyond musical skills and extending to logic, emotional intelligence, aesthetic taste. Through music a child can explore the inner world of self and others.

Inspiration, the skills and curiosity towards creation of something new and unique are fostered among children. Children progress and evaluations are closely monitored, and the excellent feedback received from children, parents and partners has served as the stepping stone in expanding the geography of the concept.

Join us in making music created by children heard.

Pianoheart® has international reach, and we are open to potential collaboration with educational organisations, film studios, theatre and other creative outlets as well as young talents from all around the world. 

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Innovation Overview
8 - 18
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3 156
Tips for implementation
Pianoheart® approaches the musical development of children and youth innovatively, enabling them to spread their wings, improvise, experiment and express themselves creatively. We are ready to share our experience and to cooperate with young talents, future authors of music and lyrics.
Contact information
Pianoheart music samples
Dr. Anna Nikina-Ruohonen

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Making music composed by children heard
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Music composed by children should really be taken seriously
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