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Student-centred reading programmes with a systematic and goal-oriented 1:1 teaching that has a high impact learning cycle

One on One Teaching Cubicle

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At YelaoShr®, teachers provide one-to-one guidance based on a child’s learning pace so that learning becomes fun and stress-free. With attentive guidance from teachers, children can progress according to their abilities. This, in turn, helps build the children’s sense of achievement and self-confidence.
Carol Yap, Founder & CEO
Every child is special, with unique combinations of abilities and needs that effect learning. And all children deserve the opportunity to learn in ways that make the most of their strengths.

Carol Yap, Founder & CEO


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90-minute 1-to-1 Guidance High Impact Learning Cycle

What we do?

✔ Tailor-made Learning

Our methods are not restricted by age and grade, enabling every child to start learning from a level suitable for his/her abilities. This builds foundation and re-establishes confidence to help children catch up in school. 

Children vary in learning abilities. Some may need more time and exercises than others. Therefore, a tailor-made approach that suits a child’s learning pace helps create a pleasant learning experience that encourages progress. 

✔ One-to-one Guidance 

We provide one-to-one guidance so that the teacher can pay full attention to the student. We do not subscribe to one-size-fits-all teaching method. Neither do we divide students into groups based on age or grade.

✔ Learning Ability Assessment 

Before enrollment, children will sit for a free literacy assessment to identify the challenges they face. Upon enrollment, a more comprehensive assessment will be given by the teacher to assess a child’s proficiency level before formulating a learning solution and materials that suit his/her needs.

✔Simultaneous Left and Right Brain Development 

Unlike conventional methods, YelaoShr® Word Recognition and Abacus Mental Arithmetic Programmes employ ‘visual impression’ in teaching that stimulates both the left and right brain of a child to promote whole brain development.

Why we do it?

One to One makes all the difference when teaching children to read

Before the start of the company, Madam Yap held tutoring classes at her home to make ends meet in 2005. During these tutoring sessions, she realized that many of her students were unable to understand individual words. Their illiteracy made them unable to do their schoolwork which resulted in poor grades. It also became apparent to her that the children's language proficiency was not on par with their age group. An incident which left a deep impression on her mind was when a Standard 5 student of hers was unable to read basic phrases such as "sekolah" (school) and "selamat pagi." (good morning) These problems plagued her mind and led to many sleepless nights. After mulling through various solutions, she finally came to a definite conclusion; to start a student-centred learning system.

Hence, Mdm. Yap founded YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre, which focuses on students' potential and guides them to learn at their speed and level accordingly. The classes begin from the level that they are weakest at, no matter their age. For example, a Standard 5 child may have to start from learning the basic Standard 2 Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary. As the students learn and improve, then they may proceed to the next level. 

● Students are graded according to their study level, not their age

● 1 to 1 teaching: educating children according to their pace and ability 

● Tailor-made: children are educated in their preferred language and character

● Build children’s confidence in studies

● Focuses on their own progress and not compared to other children

● Set achievable goals for students

● Education to understand and not merely to finish the syllabus

● Make learning a positive and creative process


Achievements & Awards

January 2020
Female Entrepreneur of the Year
November 2019
Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2019
January 2019
Sin Chew Education Award Winner

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Progress according to individual pace
Every child learns at a different pace.
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Adaptable Learning
Children have different personalities.
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Recharge Time
To help children regain their concentration
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Revision & Reinforcement Time
This is the reason we lay emphasis on teaching students until they have really learned rather than about completing the syllabus.
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