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Alternative Learning System or ALS Program is the Philippines' academic bridging program for out-oif-school youth and adult learners when it was introduced back in 1997. Now, it is a program best fit for the 21st century alternative learners, so we brought it online since 2017 through volunteerism and a common parental passion. We are growing. We need funding.
Maria eLiza L Cornejo, ALS Learning Facilitator
To be able to serve 100-200 learners this schoolyear we will need US$40,448. This will cover salaries, internet & communication, rentals, materials, online service solutions & equipment.

Maria eLiza L Cornejo, ALS Learning Facilitator


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Updated on September 6th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

There is a growing population of learners who are either independent and home-based, are more focused in the arts and sports track, have health challenges, are adults and working, or are poor. They all have one thing in common. Formal school no longer services their needs not to mention disenfranchising them by labeling them as out-of-school when what they need is an open learning system.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Our Department of Education has a program called the Alternative Learning System which runs alongside formal school. It provides legitimate documentation so learners can still be registered inside the school system. It was originally designed for adult learners and out-of-school youth with the intention of shepherding them back to formal school. Being a teacher and a mom of an independent home-based learner, I instead studied how I could use the ALS program to benefit the other types of learners who are disenfranchised. I walked the talk. Got accredited as an ALS teacher and brought ALS online to be able to reach more learners while everyone else just kept on speculating. ALS in the Philippines, as well as formal public school, only went online due to the pandemic. MyHill ALS was online since 2017. In effect, all learners now who do not wish to go the formal school path, and prefer an online system of learning will have MyHill ALS to support them.

How has it been spreading?

With just sweat equity, personal donations and God's grace, learners and their families just keep coming through word of mouth and social media. As much as I want to accommodate more, I cannot since I would need more ALS teachers which will require funding.

Various parent groups would organize meetups onsite or online, and invite me to talk to them about MyHill ALS program and process.

We started with 17 learners to 28 to 40s, and now due to the pandemic, we have 105 registered learners. There are more pouring in for the next school year.

Now there is a group of parent volunteers who have committed to help MyHill ALS it its journey towards reaching out to more families.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Go to our website ( and send an inquiry via the contact form.
This first step is very crucial as it will already serve as validation that the learner and/or his family are tech-enabled since MyHill ALS is generally online.
From the contact form inquiry a short email info will be sent.
Only after their response to this step will the official registration forms be sent.


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March 2021
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