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Christa Campsall
My Guide Inside innovation is built upon timeless principles; simple blend of new and known!

My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself & Understanding My World

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The principles modelled, taught, discussed & practised-operate in all people! Global objectives include: 1. Enhance Personal Well-being with age appropriate understanding of underlying principles. 2. Simultaneously develop competencies in Personal/Social Awareness & Responsibility, Communication & Thinking. And... creative activities engage learners and educate them about their guide inside.
Christa Campsall, BEd, DiplSpEd, MA is author of "My Guide Inside."
The 3 Principles in "My Guide Inside" operate in all people, including learners of every age. “The principles are already there; ready to be tapped into” as one learner states. We see kids flourish!

Christa Campsall, BEd, DiplSpEd, MA is author of "My Guide Inside."


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Why did you create this innovation?

When the need for remote and blended learning became apparent in the global community, we sprang into action! I invited guest discussants and together we created Video on Demand to supplement the stories for each of the "My Guide Inside" levels. We invite kids to engage in creative activities and discuss the open-ended questions with teachers, peers and/or family in order to own the knowledge!

How does your innovation work in practice?

Video On Demand (VOD) supplements the “My Guide Inside” curriculum in remote or blended learning settings. With the "My Guide Inside" Learner book, one receives access to the VOD classes. In addition, we recommend creating live online or face to face discussions for each chapter to fully educate the participants about their guide inside.
Who is VOD for?
We have kids, teachers, and families in mind; simple for anyone to facilitate!
What is it for?
Either … a student who is submitting work to a teacher for academic credit. Ex. Language Arts, Health, Career Education. Or … a learner on a personal learning journey.
What do you need?
“My Guide Inside” Learner Book
Who is the teacher?
Christa Campsall. And … Included are great guest discussants!

OR The original innovation, the story-based My Guide Inside curriculum, can be used as a complete stand alone low cost resource in classroom, small group or individual setting.
We can all flourish!

How has it been spreading?

Primarily through:

USA, Kathy Marshall Emerson Co-author My Guide Inside &
Founding Director National Resilience Resource Center

USA, Dr Bill Pettit MD/Psychiatrist wrote the foreword
Intro with Dr Pettit video

Also other organizations link to the information. Examples are:
3 Principles Global Community

Canada, see Teachers Inclusive Education British Columbia

Scotland, see Big Futures

Brazil, see LiveMind


If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to try “My Guide Inside” curriculum, choose a Learner Book level and its Teacher’s Manual; this is a complete resource. Available worldwide, including multiple translations.

If you want to try the Video On Demand classes for the principle-based stories, purchase any one of the “My Guide Inside” books and you will receive a password to all the VOD Classes!


See this innovation in action

Focus Group Experiences With My Guide inside... 3 Year Reunion!
Kathy Marshall Emerson, Director of the National Resilience Resource Center, conducted a focus group reunion. The high school students from 3 years ago are now following their chosen paths in young adulthood. It was heartwarming to hear how their understanding of the three principles and their knowledge of their guide inside -wisdom within- is still so relevant in their lives today...both in their acceptance of self and compassion for others. They are filled with authenticity, integrity and gratitude. So great to see them flourish! We will publish this focus group video and know you, too, will feel its impact. 
The My Guide Inside K-12 curriculum is described more fully in this (2022) textbook:
Marshall, K. Discovering resilience and well-being in school communities. In L. Nabors (Ed.) Resilient Children: Nurturing Positivity and Well-Being Across Development (chapter 5). Springer Series on Child and Family Studies. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, Springer Nature. 
The My Guide Inside K-12 curriculum is described more fully in this (2021) book:
Bailey, J. Resilience in action: Resilience in action: Transforming children, parents, and education. Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times (chapter 11). Miami: Mango Publishing. 
My Guide Inside Learner addresses school system:
Interviewer: One of the things that oftentimes happens in a school system is that a school board has to make a decision about what’s important to include, and not include in the budget, in the curriculum and all of that. You all for the most part are graduating. This is your moment in time, in a sense, to speak to your own district administration and say something about —how does this compare with other things you’ve learned or been required to learn —how important is it do you think for other students in your district to be able to learn something more about this? Student: I’m in grade 12. In responding to that question, I think that mental wellness needs to be part of every school district’s policies because if students are in a place where they themselves do not feel they are capable to learn, and don’t have that emotional capacity to learn, school is not going to be successful. I think that is often a big part that is missing in our current society, and how we have structured our education, is we miss the most important piece of education which is teaching one person about themselves, about their thought and how to be in control of their emotions, and how they have the ability to change and this is what this guide enables you to do. I think if this was taught we would be able to be more successful students and also be more fulfilled in our everyday because we have the capacity to CHANGE and that’s critical.


Achievements & Awards

February 2022
Mein inneres Wissen published!
January 2022
"My Guide Inside" Primary Hebrew Version is published. Intermediate and Secondary Learner Books and Teacher Manuals are in process with CCB Publishing!
December 2021
Mein inneres Wissen Book 2 in process with CCB Publishing! (secondary level to follow.) now also "auf Deutsch."
June 2021
"My Guide Inside" Italian Layout for "Mia Guida Interior" Primary Learner Book is complete! Publisher is
April 2021
Recording of the engaging, blended "My Guide Inside: Training for Educators" is complete!
March 2021
"My Guide Inside" Portuguese translations are published! "Meu Guia Interior" see
February 2021
Translation in process! The working title in Romanian is: My Guide inside =Ghidul meu interior. Knowing myself and understanding my world= Mă cunosc pe mine și înțeleg lumea
December 2020
E-book Kindle Versions Added for Each "My Guide Inside" Title: Learner Book and Teacher's Manuals for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Levels
November 2020
"Whooo...Has a Guide Inside?" supplementary picture book now also published in Italian "La guida perfetta" see
November 2020
Innovation page created on
July 2020
To support kids, parents and educators for remote and blended learning needs, we created Video On Demand for each My Guide Inside Chapter. Helen Neal-Ali joined as one of the experienced heartfelt disscussants. The primary level kids meet Blinkie in the pop up class!
January 2020
"My Guide Inside" Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels. Learner Books and Teacher's Manuals. English plus multiple translations including "Le Guide en Moi" in French and "Mi Guia Interior" in Spanish!

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My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World
My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World is a comprehensive curriculum with 3 levels: young children Book I, children Book II, and teens Book III. The stories are principle-based and point to our "guide inside" our wisdom within. The materials are aligned with Resilience Research.
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My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World
Discovering their guide inside brings out the best in all learners! The 3 Principles discussed in "My Guide Inside" operate in all people, including learners of every age. “The principles are already there; ready to be tapped into,” as one learner put it.
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