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Squared atelier vaalea
Educator Training Program for creative technology and programming

Mehackit Atelier

Marker Helsinki, Finland
We are training the best creative technology educators! The Practical and STEAM curriculum based hands-on online training takes place in Mehackit Atelier. Our modular Open Badges program encourages educators to keep on learning and advancing in our creative Tracks. We provide learning materials for your students too - tested in over 100 schools in Finland and various countries around the world.

Join The Educator Training Program at Mehackit Atelier

“On Mehackit courses we reached some of the ‘castles in the air’ that we dream about in teacher training universities! This is what learning should be!”

High School Teacher, Helsinki, Finland

... And boost your confidence and creativity!

Mehackit offers a complete online solution for educators to bring #creative_technologies, #programming and #maker_culture to schools in a creative and engaging way! 

Our educator training, online classrooms and learning content using inexpensive open source technologies will get you started quickly! Our experienced team will be your guide during your journey!

  1. Mehackit Atelier
    The STEAM learning modules and courses in Mehackit Atelier online classrooms are aimed at secondary school educators and their students. They consist of video tutorials and project-based exercises, designed to fit different curricular needs. Learners earn badges and course certificates.

  2. Educator Training
    Training includes practical hands-on exercises, materials and support both for your own learning and working with your students. You will get instructions and access to one Mehackit Atelier Online Classroom with your own students. And of course, a certificate!

  3. Co-creative  Partnerships
    We offer creative partnership and development roles and projects for individuals, companies and institutions through Mehackit Atelier. Some of our success stories are featured at Cases. With all of our partnerships we aim at impacting as diverse audiences as possible.

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Intended Outcomes
12 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Each educator, student or pair needs a computer connected to internet. For music content participants need head phones. For electronics content participants need Arduino-based electronics kits (we sell Mehackit Maker kits). The open source programs that are used on these courses can be downloaded for free.

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“When we made the material choices, we wondered whether Arduino based Mehackit Maker Kit’s could make people excited. It was amazing how excit...
Heini Karppinen
“I understand now how technology works!”— Student, High School, Finland
Heini Karppinen
“Students enjoy being able to be self-directed. On this course we reached really a lot of the objectives which we are after in the national cu...
Heini Karppinen
“I haven’t learned so much in two hours for a long, long time!"— Teacher, High School, Helsinki, Finland
Heini Karppinen


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Sign up for Mehackit Atelier training Educator Starter Pack!
Sign up for Mehackit Atelier training Educator Starter Pack!
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Select your Creative Content Track & practise in your class
Select your Creative Content Track & practise in your class
Read more
Become a Creative Tech Champion with thrilling projects!
Become a Creative Tech Champion with thrilling projects!
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Guide your students to succeed with Challenging Projects!
Guide your students to succeed with Challenging Projects!
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Heini Karppinen, CEO
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