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Heini Karppinen, CEO

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An online learning service for secondary schools to close the technology skills gap

Mehackit Atelier

Helsinki, Finland
How about making songs, visual art or electronic prototypes while learning the basics of programming and designing technology projects? ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿค– Mehackit offers a complete online solution for schools to bring creative technologies, programming and maker culture to classrooms in an engaging way! ๐Ÿ’ป๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ’•

Teach coding through art, music and hardware!

โ€œThe material directs you to experiment right from the beginning. Besides programming, it teaches you 21st century skills like problem-solving and creative thinking.โ€

Maya Divakar, Lead Coach, New Al Wurood School, B.E.S.T Group of Schools, Saudi Arabia

... And boost your professional confidence and creativity!

Mehackit has offered learning services for schools since 2014 to bring creative technologies, programming and maker culture to classrooms in a creative and engaging way! Now Mehackit Atelier online service makes it possible for teachers and students globally to start learning the basics using open source technologies. Our experienced team will be your online guide during the journey! 

We have been testing Atelier in classrooms internationally in Spring 2019, and we are continuously producing more content and developing the usability.

  1. Let Me Hack It for all teachers
    Mehackit's Continuous Professional Development online training includes practical hands-on exercises, materials and support both for your own learning and testing your new skills with your students. Participants can flexibly study 1-4 credits and earn an online certificate! Open in English in December 2019.

  2. Mehackit Atelier for Secondary School Students
    The practical STEAM learning modules in Mehackit Atelier are aimed at secondary school students. They consist of video tutorials and project-based exercises in English, designed to fit different curricular needs. Students can work alone or in pairs. Students earn online certificates!

Our vision is to help teachers globally to empower youth to build healthy relationship with digital technology.
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Innovation Overview
12 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
Each teacher, student or pair needs a computer connected to internet and head phones to follow tutorial videos in English. Schools get access to Atelier through an annual subscription. The programming environments that are used on these courses are open source can be downloaded for free.
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Heini Karppinen, CEO

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"This training has already opened my eyes! Teaching is not the same it used to be now that Iย  can apply programming to music, arts and craf...
Heini Karppinen
โ€œIt was amazing how thrilled the students were and how well Arduino- based Mehackit Maker Kits worked! The whole class focused intensively on ...
Heini Karppinen
โ€œI understand now how technology works!โ€โ€” Student, High School, Finland
Heini Karppinen
โ€œStudents enjoy being able to be self-directed. On this course we reached really a lot of the objectives which we are after in the national cu...
Heini Karppinen
โ€œI havenโ€™t learned so much in two hours for a long, long time!"โ€” Teacher, High School, Helsinki, Finland
Heini Karppinen


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Get familiar with Mehackit Atelier (demo)
Log in to Mehackit Atelier with your email address and view the demo courses free of charge! You will see how easy it is to implement our learning modules, tutorial videos and assignments into your teaching!
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Boost your teaching skills Let Me Hack It (CPD)
Teachers from all backgrounds are warmly welcome to our practical and inspiring training! You and your colleagues will strengthen the pedagogical skills in creative technology, programming, project based learning and using digital learning materials in classroom.
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Start with the Basics Modules in your classroom!
Let the tutorial videos and assignments in the service do the teaching - teacher's role will be to facilitate learning and support project work! The Basics Modules will teach all the tools needed to master each programming environment and working creatively.
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Order Mehackit Maker kits to your school & start making!
ONLY FOR Electronics and Programming track: This track will get you started with creating light installations, your own switches, musical instruments and more! Mehackit Maker Kit or equivalent Arduino Starter Kit is the hardware you need.
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Move on to Project Modules & shoot for the stars!
Become a Creative Tech Champion with thrilling projects! After learning the Basics choose the project that you find the most inspiring - and learn to apply your skills across the curriculum!
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