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location_on Helsinki, Finland
Kindiedays apps bring the best Finnish practices adapted to your child care center. Kindiedays has been designed by child care professionals with a strong focus on people: • Empowers educators to support the child’s development. • Engages families to be part of the child’s educational development. • Makes daily routines rich and efficient to give educators more time for quality education.
Angie Hämäläinen, Owner at Finnish-American Kindergarten
Everyone in the field knows that kindergarten can be flat out, so having a tool like this to use is a treat. Nowadays we couldn’t work without Kindiedays.

Angie Hämäläinen, Owner at Finnish-American Kindergarten

about the innovation

Our Story

A couple of years ago the founders Jessi and Milla worked as teachers in the Finnish American Kindergarten. They loved working with children and were sad that so much time and focus was taken from the children and spent managing manual practices. They also felt that the communication with the families was too scattered and broad, and there was no smooth path to communicate the activities and children’s important moments in real time. This could not be the way a high quality kindergarten in Finland should work. Why can we not use modern mobile and digital tools to ease the work load, get more time for the children and involve parents? They asked themselves.

Milla and Jessi started to search the market but found nothing but solutions mainly focusing on administration and use via PC. Not solutions that would really bring together all the daily activities with the children and parents. But they did not give up the dream. Instead they decided to setup a start-up company and create the solution themselves – Kindiedays was born. Having been teachers themselves, it was clear that Kindiedays should have the child in the center and focus on the users.

For pragmatic reasons the first version of Kindiedays focused on solving the needs for the daily routines and communication with the families. Soon it became clear that there was an even stronger need to take children's learning to a new level. Empower educators to use the curriculum in the daily work with the children, make observations and create pedagogical documentation.

Now Kindiedays 2.0 is launched and supports educators, families and children collaborate in all daily activities related to the learning and wellbeing of the children. Kindiedays is available in Finnish, English and Spanish and sold in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia with a focus on private and international nurseries and kindergartens. 

All children deserve high quality early childhood education and care to get the best start in life !

Innovation Overview
Target Group
4 000

Achievements & Awards

June 2019
First fully Finnish Kindergarten BestKidz in Dubai
June 2019
Kindiedays used in 9 countries
February 2019
Kindiedays 2.0 Launched

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Learn more and sign up for Kindiedays
As the manager for your child care center, you can learn a lot about Finnish education and experience Kindiedays by yourself. We are happy to share information about the Finnish pedagogy, curriculum, learning methods and advice how to test Kindiedays in real life.
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Free trial is the most popular way to take the first steps
With a 30 days free trial you can set up Kindiedays by yourself for your own childcare center. You can involve the teachers and parents and experience Kindiedays with your own data. It is well worth investing sufficient time for the trial.
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Introduce Kindiedays Apps to your team and parents
Engage the teachers in the trial to learn together. Including the families is also important, but for practical reasons you might want to keep the number of users limited in the trial. This way you can collect feedback for the full roll out.
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Explore Kindiedays features step by step
Once you have done the setup and invited educators and families, you can start using Kindiedays. For a smooth and rewarding experience we suggest you start using Kindiedays step by step and proceed as you gain experience and confidence. Teachers and families should also be engaged step by step.
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