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Kenyan Women in STEAM Initiative

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Giving Girls a Voice in STEAM.

Kenyan Women in STEAM Initiative is an initiative that seeks to close the gaps between Kenyan Women in STEAM Initiative and Kenyan Women seeking to pursue Steam related careers and technological know-how. The initiative seeks to close the loopholes existing in steam education giving the less privileged ideas on setting up Innovative ideas and opportunities for themselves to improve their lives.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
STEAM is the future and the future is STEAM. This simply means the world is headed at improving the lives of individuals through embracing technology and innovation to improve lives.
Caroline Karimi Nyaga, Founder of Kenyan Women in STEAM Initiative.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

As a high school teacher teaching Biology and Chemistry in a public secondary school in Kenya, I have had the privilege to interact with young boys and girls and sought to hear their views on after-school thoughts and it has always bothered me to realize that even after studying Science subjects, students are not in a position to create their own opportunities as far as science is concerned.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Therefore, Kenyan Women in STEAM Initiative is a program that will allow students to interact with the outside world through technological shape ups and help reduce the number of girls and young women who feel theres no hope after school. In practice the Innovation will help create opportunities and connect women, and the less privileged both girls and boys to the world of science and help them realize that they have so much untapped potential within them that needs to be tapped to help them realize their potentials and therefore create citizens who are able to see the future of education at a wider angle without having to struggle to find jobs and to waste time thinking all is lost.
The innovation will also help produce citizens and young women who are in a position to secure their future from their own technological start ups and innovations.

How has it been spreading?

My Innovation is on its start ups phase and I have been able to join innovative organizations like Innovation Hub that has helped me bring out my Innovation and see the bigger picture in having the organisation grow holistically and blend with other steam projects around the world.
In the near future I am planning to open up a center called Oakwood Steam Center that will see the needs of not only girls but also young boys in the society who need guidance and mentoring on steam related initiatives to help them improve their general well being.
I have been able to share my innovative ideas with individuals and been in a position to showcase my general ideas with prospects and innovators engaging in steam based careers and it has been rewarding.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone wanting to adopt the innovation, there's first a need to have a passion in steam related ideas and practices because my whole idea is on embracing steam and helping to showcase the needs to have people in my community realize the essence and importance of STEAM in improving the overall well beings and lives of individuals.

Spread of the innovation

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