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Higher Order Thinking Skills & Creative Maths can develop ability to think and solve problem


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“This is not a general math tutoring class.” In the classroom HOTSMATHS , we focus on developing children’s high thinking and high quality. In this long-term training process, teachers will focus on the following 12 teaching objectives and gradually develop key skills that affect children’s lives
Mdm Teoh Poh Yew, Founder
We develop children’s Higher Order Thinking skills through creative maths. Let our children: Be a Thinker. Be a Problem Solver.

Mdm Teoh Poh Yew, Founder


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HOTs Maths: Thinking Training Programme Opening & Strengthening Young Minds with Problem-solving Skills

What we do?

As a parent who cares for the development of your child, you hope to see your little one is:

enthusiastic and self-driven in learning and improving himself/herself;

able to think and try to solve a problem when encountering one; 

patient in performing a task and does not give up easily.

All these positive traits are not acquired from textbooks but rather from an environment conducive to cultivating such attitude. 

This is the ultimate goal of HOTS Maths: Thinking Training Programme―to sow the seeds of these commendable qualities so that they will grow and bear fruit in a child’s life.

5 major benefits for children to participate in this training class for a long time :

  • Get ridof the bad habit of “ waiting for the answer ” and establish a good habit of activelyfindinganswers.
  • Facing difficult things, prefer to stick to more and try more
  • Start meeting. If yousay " possible " to " impossible " , you will use yourmindto think of it .
  • Don't fear the problem, have more direction and method to deal with the problem.
  • More love to explore new things and make new attempts.

Why we do it?

The exponential growth of technology accelerates change. Today, many tasks and jobs performed by humans have been taken over by machines, robots, artificial intelligence, computer programmes, etc. In other words, our children will face stiff competition not in brute power but brainpower.

HOTs Maths is developed by internationally renowned maths educationist Teoh Poh Yew. In line with the government’s Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) syllabus that promotes Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT) or High Order Thinking Skills (HOTs), Teoh employed her 30 years of hands-on teaching experience to develop her own ‘Magic Maths’ to help young minds nurture their High Order Thinking Skills gradually.

To date, she has been invited to 16 countries to share her teaching philosophy and methods in various public forums and education seminars. She believe that High Order Thinking, once developed, can be applied to the learning of other subjects, and most importantly, in the daily life of our children.

HOTs Maths: NOT A Maths Tuition Class

Maths is not just about calculation

Maths, in conventional pedagogy, over emphasizes the speed of calculation and techniques to solve mathematical problems. Such approach has thus undermined the fun and core spirit of mathematics, i.e.: 

Identifying order and relation 

Raising question and finding solution

Learning to think and infer logically

Maths is not just a subject about ‘right or wrong’, but rather a systematic training of the mind to think and analyze a question. It can be applied in everyday life when one faces a problem―to analyze and organize the relational factors and look at the problem from different angles and perspectives.

We believe that if children undergo such training, the thinking and analytical skills they acquire from learning mathematics will become a key success factor in their working life during adulthood.


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Observation ability & concentration
Ability to discover differences and changes in things
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Analysis and understanding
Ability to discover the laws and relationships between things
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Creative ability (creative creative thinking)
We can use the knowledge, skills, and methods of the meeting in a new place.
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Evaluation, judgment
Have personal insights and independent thinking.
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Make good use of problem-solving strategies
Conjecture and test
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Self-discipline and discipline
Know when you can do, what you can't do
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