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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
We see young people across Sub-Saharan Africa assuming the role of empowering themselves and their peers to be tomorrow's ethical leaders.

gold Youth Development Agency

Cape Town, South Africa
Our audacious goal is to develop 10 million young African leaders with character & integrity to mobilise their generation with the knowledge, tools and support to reach their full potential, with concrete results in social behaviour change, education & job creation, through embedding the format of long-term peer leaders and mentors into schools and communities.

gold Youth Development Agency

Susannah Farr, CEO
“We’re changing the narrative around the youth bulge crisis at the bottom of the pyramid. We see a massive youth dividend to be harnessed. This is Africa’s hope. There is no plan B.”

Susannah Farr, CEO

What we do? gold-youth is creating a movement to introduce and embed long-term peer role models and mentors into all schools and communities, thereby changing the system of youth education and upbringing in Sub-Saharan Africa. gold-youth seeks to bring about sustained community change from the ground up, through an ‘each-one- reach-one’ model of youth peer education which casts every young person in Sub-Saharan Africa as a future nation-builder. gold-enterprises, its social enterprise arm, seeks to make that change sustainable by sharing the gold methodology to a wider market through training and consulting services and incubating micro-businesses at grassroots. By building on the human capital creation of the gold Model, and leveraging access to gold communities, gold-enterprises aims to enable youth job creation and economic independence in communities where few, if any, meaningful economic opportunities exist for youth. 

Why we do it? More than half of young people in Sub-Saharan Africa, who make up the largest part of the population, are born into poverty, growing up in communities that visibly offer no hope. Far from having ethical role-models, they often do not believe that they have purpose, potential nor equal value to others. We want to transform the role of young people from being passive recipients of negative norms to proactive social and economic change agents who assume the role of empowering themselves and their peers to become the ethical leaders of tomorrow.

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Innovation Overview
13 - 26
Age Group
74 000
Tips for implementation
The gold solution has 2 delivery modes: DEEP: with community-based organizations: Partners who implement the gold Model & receive capacity building & quality assurance. WIDE: a DIY blended product suite called Peer2Peer supported by training & consulting services for diverse replicators.
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