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Tariq Kashmiri
A platform with a mission to upskill professionals serving children

Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform

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GCA is a multi-lingual, upskilling and credentialing platform for adults who serve, care for, teach and protect children. GCA is the first child-centered global learning hub developed to help train teachers, leaders, health professionals, police officers, social workers, policy makers, and advocates. An innovative, niche-focused ecosystem that empowers training providers & learners worldwide.
Dr. Samia Kazi, Co-Founder
As adults we all have a role to play in protecting and caring for children. GCA is a platform with a mission. Children are our passion.

Dr. Samia Kazi, Co-Founder


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Updated on June 6th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

GCA was developed out of an understanding that transforming education could only be achieved by building stronger multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral partnerships.
We created an AI-powered learning platform and shared it with the world's best training providers thus creating a global consortium, repository, and hub of the best training resources for upskilling professionals serving children.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We built an infrastructure to bring together educators, social workers, health professionals, parents, law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, media, and advocates – all on one platform to access learning programs offered by the best global organizations in multiple languages.

Organizations and training providers get access to a top-notch online learning platform that helps them with volume growth, margin growth and productivity. We collect key insights on learner behavior and conduct research on learner training needs.

Learners can access a broad range of certified and courses, taught by the world’s leaders in education, and to gain high quality, certified education, anywhere in the world.
Learners receive coaching from AI-powered bots and upon completion, obtain blockchain certified digital credentials specifically designed for their specialized field in helping them provide better service and care to children.

How has it been spreading?

GCA is advocating for a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral, training for professionals who work with children. GCA is innovative, we are the only child-centered training hub that was created to upskill and credential all adults and professionals who serve children.
Launched platform and went to market 2021. Launched 150 E-learning courses in 2 languages.
To date, we have 12 training providers with an average of 780 learners per month.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

It is free to create an account. Visit, click on create an account and start browsing for e-learning courses. You may search by course type, interest area, or name of training provider. There are 15 Free courses available in Arabic and English, with about 70+ fee-based courses available. New courses are added every month.


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A holistic framework for training adults who serve children
The holistic nature and shared importance of childhood calls for a comprehensive approach that involves all actors across multiple sectors (Nurturing Care Framework, World Health Organization, 2018).All adults…… including caretakers, educators, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, judges, social workers, policymakers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and journalists have a role in protecting, caring for, and serving children.The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) is the first platform built to create an online hub for all adults to come and learn together in one community. When interacting with children, we all need critical fundamental skills to help us provide the best quality service and care to children.Supporting child development and protecting children from abuse and neglect are two examples of skills that all adults who interact with children need.In other cases, we need to specialize in our area of expertise. Law enforcement officers need to learn how to investigate cases of suspected child abuse, while educators need to know when to report matters of concern. Educators and parents need to know the signs of potential developmental delays, while educational specialists need to provide support and programs to help that child succeed and achieve their fullest potential.Why do these learners have to learn together? There is much research about the benefits of joint training. As adults and professionals, we begin to appreciate the roles of others, how it connects to what we are doing. More skills and knowledge is shared, and trust increases between stakeholders.A well-designed and effective cross-sector partnership benefits partners through Increased scale – Successful partnerships leverage combined resources to reach more people and amplify impact and results.GCA, is a platform with a mission. By creating this multi-stakeholder platform, we are helping create better partnerships and collaboration for the service of young children around the world.To Join the Global Childhood Academy (GCA) platform, click here #multistakeholder #systems


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