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George Jibladze
Sponsor Internet fees for underprivileged students from developing countries

location_on Georgia is a nonprofit platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly Internet fees and devices for the undeprivileged students living in developing countries. Every cost, student, project is documented on the website. Donors receive monthly transparency reports with success stories and financial documents.
George Jibladze, CEO
We believe that Internet access is a human right.

George Jibladze, CEO


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Updated on June 6th, 2022
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Nearly 4 billion people – mostly women and poor, rural communities – are excluded from today’s online revolution. They are missing out on academic and economic opportunities, global public debates, democratic empowerment, global knowledge, social and cultural exchange.
By providing connectivity, we empower individuals to improve the quality of their lives and their communities.

How does your innovation work in practice? is a nonprofit platform where anyone can sponsor Internet fees and laptops for high school students in need.
Our platform ensures that supporting connectivity through online recurring donations is simple and transparent. It takes a minimum of $1 and a few clicks to register as a donor. Donors receive monthly transparency reports with detailed costs, success stories and more. Each project, donor, partner, cost and the story of each student is documented on the website.
To help them realize their full potential, our project equips underprivileged students with Internet access, laptops, and a wide range of educational resources. We also constantly mentor our students online on how to navigate the Web safely and efficiently.

How has it been spreading? is a US-based nonprofit and an international platform. Our team, based in Georgia, Europe, initially built a local platform in 2017, Through the Georgian website, we attracted up to 5000 donors and up to 2000 students have Internet access and laptops.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Visit and sign up as a donor, or try out our monthly newsletter first.


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October 2020
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