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A program for children 3-8, encouraging ethical thinking, empathy and EQ.

Ginnie & Pinney 'Think Smart'

Marker Victoria, Australia
An engaging 8 book set in both English & Chinese with animated videos & a teacher resource. It is based on the emotional themes from established Australian Government Frameworks and aligns with the Victorian Curriculum’s Ethical, Personal & Social Capabilities. Open ended questions in each book encourage lively discussion & deep thinking about social and emotional themes between adult and child.

About Ginnie & Pinney

“Alexandra is loving the books. She just recently picked them up again and has been reading them every night.”

Mother of 7 year old

Ginnie & Pinney ‘Think Smart’®

The Ginnie & Pinney program is aimed for children, 3-8, to stimulate and enhance emotional intelligence, empathy and ethical decision-making. It includes an eight book set, eight animatic videos, a teacher’s resource and a set of finger puppets. 

 The content of the program is based on the emotional themes from established Australian Government frameworks for values education for early childhood and fits the Victorian Curriculum’s Ethical Capabilities and Personal and Social Capabilities, Foundation to Level 2. 

 The program also addresses SEL (social and emotional learning), ‘the process through which students acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, empathise with others, cultivate positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. It provides a foundation for safe and positive learning, and teaches students resilience and life skills. A recent meta -analysis revealed that adoption of SEL programs led to a 22 percent increase in social and emotional skills, and an 11 percent increase in academic achievement.’ (30/1/2018http://www.pearson.com.au/insights-and-news/supporting-students/social-emotional-learning-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-important-for-your-school/) 

 Each 36-page full colour paperback has a QR code portal for access to the digital materials, including 8 x 4 minute animatics, based on the stories in the books, a 75 page teacher’s resource written by ex-principal of an Early Learning Centre and a set of nine Fair Trade finger puppets. 

 Open ended questions at the back of each book, aim to encourage lively discussion between adult and child and deep thinking about social and emotional issues and were created in consultation with Australian academics. (see below for contributors) 

 The books and accompanying materials have been released in Mandarin to the education and retail sector in China. Our aim is to develop these and other related  materials in various languages for future release across the globe. 

 The book titles, emotional themes and major learning outcomes are: 

Flight of the Kite: persistence. 

 A Bedtime Story: sharing 

Movie Mayhem: empathy 

Roll Up, Roll Up, Clean Up: taking responsibility 

3, 2, 1, Here I Come: accepting differences 

Pinney the Winner: selflessness 

A Brand New Band: inclusiveness 

When I Grow Up: self identity 

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Intended Outcomes
3 - 8
Age Group
Resources Needed
The eight book set, the teacher resource and a digital whiteboard or personal device for viewing the videos. Access the website www.ginnieandpinney.com.au for further information.
HundrED Criteria
There is considerable research that indicates the importance of emotional development in children, the younger the better, for them to become well-functioning adults. This has been recognised in the education policies of many countries, and in this case specifically Australia. This need has been addressed in our books, the aims of which are to increase the ability for young children to think ethically, be more empathic and increase their EQ. To our knowledge, no specific material designed to achieve this goal is available.
Ginnie & Pinney books encourage emotional development in children and encourages lively discussions between children, their parents and their educators.
Ginnie & Pinney is available in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and can be shipped internationally. The goal is to develop the materials in various languages for future release across the globe.

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I have been involved in Philosophy for Children for over 30 years. This series of books makes a valuable contribution to resources that can be used to trigger rich conversations between parents and young children as well as in educational settings for K-3. Thank you Penny!
great work!
Pukhraj Ranjan
We used the books with our three and four year old kindergarten children working closely with Penny as she developed them. We found the books to be a wonderful way of introducing some big EQ topics in a fun and simple manner. For some children the questions that arose from the stories drew out really insightful and interesting comments and a deeper understanding of the key concept, some of our younger children and children who are working towards the development of self regulation need to hear these type of stories many times and to have many discussions about these concepts over time. I believe the books give teachers a wonderful tool to start to talk about empathy, sharing etc. obviously a good program would supplement these books with other activities, resources and discussions. I see these books as a wonderful tool that allows young or inexperienced teachers to understand how to mediate discussions with children to get greater reflection and understanding. it would be all picture story books had a set of discussion questions with the key concepts identified clearly. Over the years I have seen many educators read books without really drawing out discussion and without an awareness of what the key concept of the book. the value of an educator is in what they do with really good material and this is really good material.
As a developmental psychologist I have reviewed the Ginnie and Pinney materials. The books address crucial and often neglected aspects of children's cognitive development, empathy and emotional development, which underpin later intellectual development in an engaging and interactive manner designed to appeal to children. I highly commend the books to educators and parents.


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