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Patrick Carroll

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Encouraging parental engagement in reading by getting the parents and children to answer questions through Twitter

Feeding Family Reading

Armthorpe, United Kingdom
We wanted to get more parents reading at home with their children and so we told them about the class text so that whilst we were reading sections over the week in class, they could do the same at home with their child. Then, each week, I would post questions via Twitter to see where they were up to and what they thought of the text. We are already moving on to our new book.

Class Reading Group

“We used to read a book a week but I never knew what to ask. By doing it this way we got a much better understanding of the characters but also of the types of readers that we are. ”

Sara, Parent

Decide on a class text that you will do with your class. Then, inform the parents so that they have time to buy a copy. Then, each week, make clear to the paeans where you aim to get to by the end of the week so that they can read up to that section with their child.

Why is this useful? By setting up a class reading group on Twitter you will be able to engage with parents as they will be able to follow the same class book that you are doing in class so will be able to have discussions at home that relate to class work which many parents feel that they can miss out on. Alongside that, some children may misunderstand or be unsure of certain events so by having a text a home they will have a chance to work with parents on anything that they are uncertain about. Another bonus, is that, sometimes parents are unsure of the types of questions to ask children to try and get a deeper understanding of the characters or themes. As a teacher, by posting questions online for the parent and child to answer together you are helping parents to recognise the types of questions.
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