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Henry May
Educacion con emoción - the first professional learning community for educators in Latin America


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Since 2014, Coschool have been developing and implementing SEL & teacher training initiatives in Colombia & Latin America. Edumocion is the result of all of this work; a one-stop-shop for Spanish speaking educators. It's a professional learning community first and a platform second, and is full of content, community events, & bite-sized training resources with a focus on SEL & Wellbeing.
Gladis Botero, 10th grade teacher, Urabá, NW Colombia
"I am an Edumocion teacher! I can say that with pride. I was one type of teacher before Edumocion, and another after. I am aware that my wellbeing helps me to teach, my students be ok, and learn more"

Gladis Botero, 10th grade teacher, Urabá, NW Colombia


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Over the last few years, while we at Coschool have been delivering educational programs across Colombia and Latin America, the lack of a central learning community for educators has become obvious. During COVID-19 educators found themselves with limit, low-quality, and a dispersed offer of wellbeing, training, and networking tools. Edumocion provide everything educators need to be well and do well

How does your innovation work in practice?

Edumocion is the name of our pedgagogic framework, focussed on SEL & Wellbeing, developed via 300+ projects over 8+ years in 5+ countries. is an ever-growing world of opportunities for educators in LatAm

It is a professional learning community first & an e-learning platform second. We aim to create community experiences at the centre of any learning experience for educators.

By offering a range of free resources (videos/downloadable resources for classrooms: EDUflash) we're able to offer immediate value to educators. Then, educators are able to participate in events & workshops and take part in cohort based courses that last 4-8 weeks (EDUcaminos): a personalised learning journey according to their needs with connected 1 hour mini-courses (EDUminis). EDUmotivadores are on hand to support and encourage participants to maintain intrinsic motivation during the process, and participants are able to celebrate (and be celebrated regularly) due to social interactions.

How has it been spreading?

Thanks to existing partnerships with major NGOs, Governments, and school networks in the region, Edumocion has already registered nearly 10,000 active users since late 2021 and we project to reach 50,000 by the end of 2023. We describe this is a B2B2C model. We are also experimenting with a direct B2C model, reaching educators through advertising strategies on social media, events, and other partnerships. We also see the potential for a B2C2B model as we know many of our users will convert into Edumocion champions and "upsell" the experience to their school or local Government.
We have also piloted "La Ruta Edumocion", a school bus that travelled the length of Colombia during 5 weeks capturing stories into an Edumocion documentary and onboarding teachers from all types of schools.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Sign up to and start having a look at some of the content available. Ojo! La pagina esta en español y dirigida a los que hablan Español. Puedes entrar, registrate, y empezar a usar los contenidos y inscribirte a nuestros eventos gratuitos. Si tienes dudas debes escribir a


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May 2022
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November 2021
Received investment from Acumen & Fundación Bancolombia ($450K USD)

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