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Coffee Time with Technology is a series of Podcasts about the latest innovations in the field of education and education technology.

Coffee Time with Technology

Peshawar, Pakistan
A series of weekly short 7 - 10 minute podcasts to share and review the latest developments in the field of education and education technology around the world beginning with a review of hundrED innovations . These podcasts can be downloaded any time using a Podbean app on a mobile device. Listen at own convenience.

Coffee Time with Technology

“Technology alone is nothing, its the people- the driving force, its the belief that it can transform lives provided used appropriately and meaningfully that paves out the way for an amazing learning journey. ”

Sheeba Ajmal, Founder - Technology For A Cause Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids

Coffee Time with Technology is my new initiative all about sharing latest developments in the field of education and education technology with everyone. Its easy to record, save and upload. Easily accessible on the Podbean app and can be listened to anywhere anytime on the go. The purpose is to keep educators updated and share new ideas that can be easily implemented in classrooms/ schools. It takes time reading an article or skimming through a blog, but we could always listen to the podcast while exercising, driving, cooking etc

Second, both students and teachers could initiate such simple initiatives in their own classrooms/schools , there are no expensive resources required, no advanced technical skills needed as such. Its the motivation and willingness to try out new things. Students can start their own podcast shows about topics that interest them, they could share revision summaries in the form of weekly podcasts, or share interviews with their peers about their daily learning, or host a show about news educational apps, a show about science experiments, share favorite book reviews, share favorite stories etc Its like empowering the kids , enhancing their skills ,making them more confident, independent and responsible.

Same goes for teachers in schools, they could see this as a professional development opportunity for themselves and their peers. Teachers could record and share their most successful lesson plans in the form of podcasts, share a review of new teaching and learning resources, share success stories of school with parents, share updates of the upcoming events with parents and  the list is endless.

For details please check the link below, tune in, follow and subscribe, grab a cup of Coffee and enjoy listening to the podcasts.

Coffee Time with Technology

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Identify the purpose and define objectives
Share and discuss with your team about initiating such a project. Come with an objective, what is it that you plan to achieve by initiating such a project. Discuss pros and cons in details, consider alternatives too.
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Check for resources in school
Check for resources in school, are they easily available and accessible? is there any cost involved?
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Write down the script
Its always good to write a script of your podcast. Read and rehearse before recording.
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Create Account on Podbean
Create an account on Podbean. Check all the logistics. Make sure the software is installed and the internet connection is working fine.
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Record, Upload and Share
Find a place to do the recording, add sound, remove and filter noise. Save project and upload to your podbean website. Share on schools social network, in your blogs, websites, parents, colleagues etc
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