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Children4Children is a place where children have the unique opportunity to learn from each other.


Children4Children is a place where children have the unique opportunity to learn from each other. All of our instructors are children who have a desire to help other children learn and are passionate about the subject they are instructing. We offer live weekly clubs which are currently completely online! All of our clubs are completely free and can be booked via

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Children4Children is a place where children learn from each other. Check out our website at! Here, you can book our completely free online clubs which take place weekly. We have an online platform on which children can submit assignments and do quizzes as well as use our live discussion forums. We have many clubs, all of which are offered by children who are passionate in the subject which they teach. As soon as you become a member of one of our clubs, you can access your clubs sessions, see our tech support team when you need help and have access to our amazing C4C wide newspaper club. Our clubs have many different themes, ranging from Karate to Debating, from World History to Physical Science. All of our clubs are FREE so sign up now while availability lasts! - and yes, this is a child writing this article!!! If you choose do take part in a science club, then by all means feel free to purchase our custom kits for each science course which go with the curriculum designed by the child-instructor. If you are the sort of person more motivated by grades and certificates, then C4C can also help. If you want to get assignments graded, have finals and get a certificate in a special awards ceremony organised by our child-founder and director, then you can get this deal for as little as $15 when you check out your free course. Also, if you feel like you would be a good instructor for teaching little kids, are a child and are passionate for a subject, then by all means head over to our website and sign up to become an instructor - you can use your times for teaching for service requirements, too, if your school allows! Help us spread the word!!!


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How are your Instructors Qualified?
To become an instructor at C4C, our instructors have gone through interviews, and, if applicable, have earned a grade of 95% or above in the subject of the club which they are teaching. To make sure that the children in our classes are safe, although we cannot guarantee this and recommend loose supervision, we have other instructors who will come in and out of sessions under disguised names and will do random checks.
How can I Become a Volunteer?
To become a volunteer at Children4Children you will have to go to and enter your information there. If you wish to become an instructor, you will need to have, if applicable, done a high school course in that subject with a grade of 95% or over. During your interview, you will be asked to confirm this and submit your transcript for the course. In certain cases, this requirement can be dropped, depending on the decision of the department chair. After you have had your interview, you will go through a self-paced course in which you will create your course and learn more about our platforms and the C4C system. 
What do I need to do before my First Club Session?
Upon signing up to a club, you will receive a detailed instructional video explaining all of the platforms which you will be using and how to operate them. If you have signed up and do not receive this video within 24 hours, please contact tech support on
Can I Sign Up After a Course has Started?
Yes, you can! As long as that class hasn't already reached the maximum number of participants, you will be able to still sign up. However, please note that if the start date is in the past, the instructor will not repeat these sessions for you. However, your instructor will provide you with a small paragraph about the key points from each lesson and may also give you the recordings. Any questions? - speak to the admissions team by emailing
How Can I Sign Up?
You might be asking yourself how you can start off your learning journey here at C4C - and that's natural - don't worry! When you become part of our amazing @C4C community, you will have an amazing range of opportunities. To become part of one of our clubs, simply head over to and, on the home page, click your subject of interest. Our categories include science and mathematics, language arts, geography and history and electives (which also includes world languages and sports). Once you have picked a category, you will see a list of the courses available for that category. Scroll through until you have found one which interests you. If you like the looks of a course, simply click the "more information" button and then read through the course description and overview. In the course description, you will see which cohorts are available and also when the club meets. make sure that the club is the right fit for you and choose the club according to your grade (we have clubs for people from K to 6th grade). In science courses, check out the course system requirements as that will include helpful materials about the materials which you will need to purchase or the link to the custom-made kit for the course's first unit. When you sign up for a course, you are signing up for only the first unit. Depending on the course, there are 4-6 units. If you sign up for the first unit, you will be able to sign up for the second unit before anyone else! When you press the "Sign Up Now" button, you will have to fill in the form, choose the correct course for you and then submit the form. If you want to add a certificate and a grade on for the course, please complete the PayPal payment below the form to do this. Still got questions - speak to our admissions team on


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