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Chatta helps children to become stronger communicators, readers, writers, and thinkers


Marker United Kingdom
Chatta was designed to help young children develop ‘oral narrative competence’, the biggest indicator of future writing competence. Based on research relating to what matters most in learning and development, the approach uses technology to present content in a way which mirrors the way people think and embeds in the memory.

What is Chatta?

“There is no better way to support effective teaching and learning.”

Gabrielle Deed, Primary Special Needs Teacher, Essex UK

Chatta is a simple and powerful pedagogical approach.

It links experiences and subject content with language and memory and leads to rapid progress for pupils of all ages.

The impact is strong, sustained and frequently staggering.

The approach was developed by Chris Williams and David Andrews and was based on their work in hundreds of schools and with thousands of students.

Chatta features a digital app, which is used by educators, students, and families in a consistent way, following the clear and simple steps of the Chatta approach.

The approach has been used with children aged 1 and above, right through to adults with dementia and young people preparing for job and university interviews.


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Intended Outcomes
1 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Chatta offers an app, online training in the unique Chatta approach, and hundreds of activity resources for Early Years, Special Educational Needs (including Autism and Dyslexia), Teaching Writing, Teaching English and Other Languages.
HundrED Criteria
Language is essential to learning and underpins progress in all subjects. In the UK alone thousands of children are starting school behind in their language development. Chatta can help to change this.
Chatta's research study conducted in 2015, noted an improvement in language development, communication, and speech & language skills. Chatta is the perfect way to maximize the impact of SEND interventions as any activities carried out in the setting can be easily replicated in the home, increasing the impact and ensuring progress. Chatta is frequently used by practitioners to support children with speech and language difficulties, autism, hearing impairments, emotional difficulties and a range of additional needs. The flexibility of the approach can be easily used to develop visual timetables, social stories, and transition supports.
Chatta has scaled across the United Kingdom and is also used in Malaysia.

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