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Kate Radford

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Custom-made digital game-based learning to bridge the education gap for conflict-affected children

Can't Wait to Learn

Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Uganda and Amsterdam. With more countries coming on stream.
Can’t Wait to Learn delivers tailored education through immediate, research-driven, curriculum-based gaming technology on tablet computers. Uniquely, the games are co-created by children to be culturally, contextually and curricula appropriate. Findings to date show that Can’t Wait to Learn works; the model demonstrates improved and faster learning outcomes at a lower cost than other approaches.

Education in their hands

Filbert, Teacher, Mvepi Refugee Settlement, Uganda
“With Can't Wait to Learn, the children are getting more knowledge than what we as the teachers give them in class. The technique in the tablets makes our work wonderful and marvellous. ”

Filbert, Teacher, Mvepi Refugee Settlement, Uganda

Millions of children worldwide miss out on education. Affected by war and conflict, multiple barriers prevent them from unlocking their potential. War Child Holland designed Can't Wait to Learn to tackle this problem. It is a curriculum-based, context-specific solution, which brings together the know-how of locally based education stakeholders, such as Ministries of Education, international and community-based organisations alongside international expertise in software development, game development and design.

Findings to date show that Can’t Wait to Learn works; children learn, and they learn fast. In Sudan, children participating in Can’t Wait to Learn improved nearly twice as much in maths and almost three times as much in reading as those using traditional approaches. They also learned at roughly twice the rate of their peers in government alternative learning programs. In Lebanon, on average children playing Can't Wait to Learn improved their math mastery score by 7% in just twelve weeks.

Can’t Wait to Learn has already been adopted by Education in Emergencies sector leaders in Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda and Sudan, with start-up in Chad beginning June 2019.  There is huge potential for scaling up globally, to open up a new world for millions of children, many of whom have never been to school; the world of learning. 

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Innovation Overview
6 - 14
Age Group
12 456
Tips for implementation
Our three-phased pathway to scale is focused on scale up with current and new global partners; integration of Can't Wait to Learn in bilateral programs, and; absorption of Can't Wait to Learn by Governments. Please do get in touch to find out more and get involved.
Contact information
Kate Radford

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War Child Sister Agency Receives Recognition at United Nations - War Child Canada
The winner of the DCHI Public Award: Can’t Wait to Learn – Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
A game-based learning tool for children in conflict areas wins UNESCO Prize for innovation in education
This is how we design digital Uganda
Learning together in Jordan
Can't Wait to Learn in action: Lebanon
Children in Sudan play Can't Wait to Learn, using a low-cost 'Digital Tablet Desk' designed by experts from Sheffield Hallam University
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