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Let’s Play Booomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”.

Let’s Play Booomwhackers

All activities in my method are presented as games, so in most cases we work in groups, not alone. The BW activities encourage the students to communicate, to be creative, and to express themselves. Their main feature is that my method is easy to use, even for small children, who gain real and immediate knowlege through music and play.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Have fun while teaching. Teach with passion and enthusiasm. Children can discover the secret of happiness only when they truly love what they wish for...
Music teacher at the Municipal Conservatoire of Neapolis – Sykies in Greece

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I am passionate about teaching and my Dream is to
Inspire the Next Generation through Music and Play.
I want to help children through music to:
“Communicate and establish their own characters”
“Challenge them and make them think out of the box”
“Achieve and develop skills and confidence”
“Deal with their mental health and let out their anxieties”
"Make education FUN"

How does your innovation work in practice?

First part: We learn general concepts about the BW. We use our imagination and suggest other things that we can do with them. We play games , we learn the colors and the notes. We do shapes and letters. We use BW us music kinetic material. At the beginning with simple movements on our body and then we go on with more complicated. We use music to carry out what we have learnt or follow the instructions of certain songs.

Second part: We work rhythmically. We combine the rhythm, with the movement and the speech. We use them in different rhythmic activities. We learn the quarter note, the eight note and the pause.
We tap our names, favorite food, games, phrases etc. Always in a form of play.

Third part: We learn how to play a song with an easy and enjoyable way. You don’t have to read the notes but all you have to know is when and how many times you have to tap your BW. We start with 2 colours - notes and add the other colours gradually, in step with the childrens progress.

How has it been spreading?

I have presented my method to over 15 countries and 15.000 educators.
Since 2012 i have been the Instructor of Seminars focusing on using my method in education. I created in 2012, the first "Boomwhackers Orchestra" in Greece.
My pioneering venture has been the introduction of my method in the kindergartens and at the Early Childhood Education not only in Greece but in other countries too.

During the pandemic i have accomplished over 200 Virtual Sessions with my method most of them in India.
I am the recipient of 20 various International and National Awards for
Let’s Play Boomwhackers method. Recently awarded with Rybakov Preschool Award 2021 .
I want to inspire and make children happy with my method. Thats want i am doing and want to do in the future.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

All you need is a boomwhackers and my teaching method.

Spread of the innovation

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