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The transforming power of e-ducation

ProFuturo is an innovative digital education program that seeks to narrow the education gap in the world by improving the quality of education for millions of children living in vulnerable environments of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. The programme responds with innovative learning and digital innovation to the widening gap in education.

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March 2023
Narrowing the growing education gap in the world through innovative learning and digital innovation. ProFuturo pilots innovations at a considerable scale (through a cascade intervention model), and shares its results and methodologies with authorities and institutions that have the resources (and/or the mandate) to scale them at national, regional or global level.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Two major Spanish institutions, Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation, joined their forces and their experience, both in in the field of education and child care, to create ProFuturo under the belief that digital education is a extremely powerful tool to improve the quality of education worldwide and a great tool to reach the most vulnerable.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

ProFuturo combines educational resources for primary school children -accessible through a digital learning platform- with teacher training, educational assistance and technical support, and a monitoring and evaluation system to measure and assess the impact of the programme. If needed, ProFuturo also provides schools with technological equipment.

ProFuturo adapts its work to the different contexts and has 3 main intervention models: a Comprehensive Model, that addresses key elements to achieve educational quality; a Humanitarian Context Model, adapted to educational needs in emergency contexts; and a Massive Open Digital Education Model that offers open educational content, accessible online, and virtual or in-person teacher training courses.

From the evaluations and researches carried out, we have evidence that the programme helps bridging the digital divide; improves teachers' and students' motivation, transforms class management and improves the acquisition of skills.

How has it been spreading?

By the end of 2022 ProFuturo has benefited (directly and indirectly) around 27 million children and trained 1,3 million teachers in 45 countries. Furthermore ProFuturo's Digital Competencies Self-Assessment Tool, developed in collaboration with CIEB Brazil, and launched in 2022, has reached more than 11K teachers worldwide that have measured their competence level and received suggested training itineraries.

For the coming years ProFuturo's priorities are: to sucessfully migrate to and deploy a new LMS platform (Moodle based), working on the sustainability of the programme (searching for partners at local and global level that contribute to its continuity) and contributing with our experience and evidence to the global public debate on the need of a digital transformation of education.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

ProFuturo´s Educational Resources for students and its online teacher training courses are available, for free, on its website:

For any other proposal for partnerships, they should contact the Partnerships Team through:

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

ProFuturo Digital Education is working towards quality education for all by providing teacher training and qualification as well as a a school-wide approach that enables students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. This specific framework ensures increased sustainability and spread by targeting teachers and school leaders and hence having a greater impact on students.

HundrED Academy Reviews

This project appears to already be scaling up and reaching many countries around the world. Bridging the gap between traditional and digital education, helping to find solutions, not just to developing new pedagogy, but also sustainable technology infrastructure.

In my experience the innovation has a well laid out mechanism to support implementation, partnering with local organizations and government especially in the co-creation and design of the project with the locals has a great effect on my context (Kenya).

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Identifying an implementing partner
ProFuturo is a programme that is implemented through local partners.
These are well established organisations whoe are key actors on the management and implementation of the programme, contribute to the understanding of local needs, and actively participate in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme, in order to make continuous improvement.
Initial definition and sizing
In collaboration with the implementing partner, ProFuturo makes a selection of areas of intervention and target schools; carries out a Diagnosis of each school; Defines objectives and budget; prepares legal documentation; Manages tax exemptions for the delivery of the equipment; signs agreements and sends the funds.
Preparation and delivery of the programme
In this phase, the implementing partner hires local staff (program coordinator and coaches), ProFuturo implements is 3 phase training programme; there is a process of Raising Awareness in the community that will "host" the programme; conversations with local and education authorities take place and equipment is sent to schools.
Implementation and Monitoring
Once the programme is running in schools, continous support is given at local level (coaches) and at 2 more levels (national and international) both in pedagogic and technological matters; there are refresh trainings offered to school principals and teachers; there is communication about the project and procedures for data collection for evaluation purposes are established.

Spread of the innovation

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