The HundrED Education Funders Collection is a selection of inspiring education funders who share our passion to help prepare children to flourish in life, no matter what happens. The Collection features information on funders’ investment themes, target regions, and support structures in order to help our innovators find investment partners that can help them scale their impact.

If you are interested in being featured in the Funder’s Collection and gain access to HundrED’s global network of education forerunners, submit your request here:

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Request to Join

How do we decide who is featured in the Funder’s Collection?

At HundrED, our mission is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what happens. We only select innovations and funders that are aligned with that mission.

As we add to our Funders Collection, we are looking for funders that have an interest in driving change over just looking for financial returns, and we generally prefer those that help their beneficiaries in more ways than just providing capital. We are only considering nonprofit and for-profit organisations who have been investing in K-12 education for at least one year.

If you want to be included, please provide a short description of your organisation, your funding philosophy, your funding model (investments, grants, etc.), your target regions or themes, and your support structures.

Do you want to be included or do you have questions? Get in touch with our Project Manager, Romayne Javangwe at

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EDvantage is an entrepreneurship platform for Edtech startups, supporting early-stage companies, led by exceptional and dedicated teams, from ideation to scale. They work closely with the entrepreneur
Emerge Education
Emerge Education aims to create a better education for billions of people, by investing in and accelerating the growth of transformative technologies. The venture capital helps entrepreneurs prove imp
TAL Education Group
TAL Education Group is a leading education and technology enterprise in China, committed to integrating technologies and the Internet into education, to deliver a better study experience for children.
Injini is the first educational technology (EdTech) incubator or accelerator on the African continent. Based in South Africa, Injini invests in promising African EdTech startups and works closely with
Renovus Capital Partners
Renovus Capital focuses on providing capital and strategic assistance to small and mid-sized education companies. The private equity firm covers all segments of the education industry including tradit
Quad Partners
Quad Ventures is one of the most active investors in the education industry, investing in all aspects of the education industry – schools, colleges, products, services and technologies that are employ
Mistletoe is a Collective Impact Community that advocates a new style of business through startup support, to solve social challenges with a mid-to-long-term perspective. Mistletoe invests in companie
Educapital believes in the power of technology and innovation to transform the way we learn, and that education should adapt to our digital world. The VC invests across all segments of the learning ma
Inventus Capital Partners
Inventus Capital Partners is an early-stage Venture Captial firm that invests in technology-focused companies. They have backed nearly 90 founders to date, typically at the seed or early-series A stag
Central Square Foundation
Central Square Foundation partners with the government, nonprofit organizations, private sector and other ecosystem stakeholders to improve the learning outcomes of children from low-income communitie
Salesforce Ventures
Salesforce believes that businesses can be powerful platforms for change and is committed to serving the interests of all stakeholders. The impact fund supports companies who are building products and
Ulu Ventures
Ulu Ventures aims to spread equity in society by providing opportunity to communities that have been systemically left out and invest in several areas including Edtech. The venture looks for seed-stag