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What is HundrED? is a not-for-profit organization that discovers inspiring innovations in K12 education. HundrED's goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement through encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world.

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Education innovations

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HundrED Spotlight

HundrED Spotlights are in-depth collections of 10 innovations that focus on a location or theme in education. Spotlights explore each location or theme thoroughly to provide deep insight into educational innovation in their area to share with the world.

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Education innovations

HundrED Spotlights

HundrED Open

Want your innovation to be considered for our 100 Inspiring Innovations? Or fancy finding out what other people are up to around the world? HundrED Open is where anyone can share their work in education and enter to be included in HundrED's annual list.

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Education innovations

HundrED Open

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HundrED News

The Humble Humanities 

With government and leadership bodies falling over themselves to get kids interested in STEM subjects, the humanities can often get left behind. This month, remind yourself why these humble, ancient subjects are so important for both ourselves and our societies. 

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HundrED News

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HundrED Innovation Summit 2018

To celebrate the release of HundrED's innovation collection we are organizing an invitation-only summit for the world´s most inspiring education innovators annually.

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Upcoming events   Past events

Would you like to hear more about us? Please come to any of the events below or request a HundrED Keynote to your event.
20 May 2018 - 23 May 2018 | Universal Education at Brookings
Citizens of the future
Marker Washington - United States
The conference will convene a global community of education innovators, funders, policymakers, and practitioners to explore the promise of leapfrogging in education. HundrED founder Saku Tuominen and Head of Global Research Jessica Spencer-Keyse are presenting at the conference.
18 Apr 2018 - 21 Apr 2018
Steamconf Barcelona 2018
Marker Barcelona - Spain
STEAMConf 2018, in its fourth edition, aims to demonstrate the vital importance of implementing programmes and resources that help minimize the digital gap and gender imbalances, and promote equal opportunities. HundrED Head of Operations Lasse Leponiemi will be presenting at the event.
09 Apr 2018 - 11 Apr 2018 | Lego Foundation
Lego Idea Conference 2018
Marker Billund - Denmark
Over the past three years, the LEGO Foundation has transformed the LEGO® Idea Conference into a recognised global platform where participant from around the world come to debate, share insights, inspire and get inspired on topics within children’s learning, education and development. HundrED founder Saku Tuominen will be presenting at the event.
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