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Bilingual Education

In today’s multilingual and multicultural world, monolingualism is more or less becoming the exception. Bilingual education helps students to understand and experience other languages and cultures, and therefore plays a key role in advancing mutual tolerance. This Spotlight highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.
In partnership with Svenska Kulturfonden

How can bilingual education make children excited about languages?



Encouraging Bilingualism in Education

Today, over half of the world’s population is, to some degree, bilingual. Moreover, the many benefits of being bilingual are increasingly recognised as essential practical, social and emotional skills needed in the 21st century. In order to truly prepare students for our global world, it is important to call more attention to innovative pedagogical practises that inspire children from all types of language backgrounds to learn a second or a third language.

The purpose of this Spotlight is to discover some of the world’s brightest innovations that focus on bilingual education. The HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education partners with the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, who works for an enhanced understanding of the value of living in an official bilingual country (Finnish and Swedish).

The Spotlight on Bilingual Education and its selected innovators will be celebrated virtually during the Helsinki Education Week and the HundrED Innovation Summit in the first week of November 2020. The virtual Bilingual Spotlight Event will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd at Helsinki Education Week. Register now for this free event!



Spotlight on Bilingual Education

Through our research, we have discovered that bilingual education is about learning how to think and act in two (or more) languages and how to navigate between them. Bilingual education is an inclusive environment where more than one language is used to learn!

We have been mindful of searching for innovations that best support the learning of languages in positive and welcoming bilingual and multilingual environments – innovations that in one way or another can bring together and support all members of a school community.

With this Spotlight, we are proud to highlight innovative practices and approaches in bilingual education that excite, inspire, enable, create and support bilingual teaching and learning, language awareness and confidence, mother tongue education, bilingualism and multilingualism, cultural exchange, inclusion and diversity.

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Bilingual Education Innovations

The HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.
CommonLit operates a free online reading program in English and Spanish, serving over 20 million teachers and students across the globe. CommonLit's research-based platform offers over 2,000 high-qual
Since 2010, THEALINGUA® has developed a language teaching & learning method using theatre. Our teams work in school settings, universities as well as with all other education, social or economic org
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Rising On Air
Rising responded to school closures by creating radio and SMS content that builds foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, allowing students without internet access to continue learning from home
The Linguacuisine project promotes and explores learning of digital literacy, languages, cuisines and cultures. The free Linguacuisine app helps you learn a language while you’re cooking a meal. With
Wise Words
Wise Words is an awareness campaign which aims to identify all linguistic resources, or "language portraits", found in a school or a classroom. By informing students, parents and teachers about the ad
Nordisk skolechat (Nordic schoolchat)
Nordisk Skolechat provides a unique opportunity for the students to train their ears to understand the similarities and differences between the closely related Nordic languages (Danish, Norwegian and
SOY (Supporting Our Youth) Pittsburgh - Latino Community Center
SOY Pittsburgh is an evidence-based, bilingual PK-5th grade out-of-school time program that prepares students for success in school and life through academics, experiential learning, social-emotional
Pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages
The objective of the pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages is to improve the access to education in the Sámi languages outside of the Sámi native region. Throughout the country, th
Saturday Kids
Our mission is to inspire every child to be a curious, self-directed learner, regardless of their background and circumstances. We do this through our creative coding classes that teach kids how to le
Thealingua Vocational Training
The Thealingua method is an innovative approach to teaching and learning foreign languages. At the crossroads between ACTIVE METHODS of teaching-learning and based on the current research in COGNITIV
Moka Mera Lingua
Welcome to the world of Moka Mera! Moka Mera Lingua is a fun and creative way for children to learn new languages the natural way – through play. The Moka Mera Lingua application is free and safe for
Language Explorers
Language Explorers is an award-winning language awareness initiative for children of all ages. The programme encourages a multilingual approach to teaching and learning, and allows children to use the
Fun China World
Fun China World ( provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China where they accomplish engaging ques
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Tikichuela Mathematics
A play based approach to teaching mathematics using Interactive Radio to overcome attainment gaps in rural Paraguay.
Multilingual Kamishibai Competition offers educators and children a creative and innovative project open to the diversity of languages: each group creates a multilingual story (using at least four lan
Language Clubhouse
Our mission is to spark an interest in foreign language learning by increasing positive and fun learning experiences and to increase cultural and linguistic understanding. Our E-learning platform
The Muse app leverages technology to sustainably improve learning and lesson delivery in low-resource environments. The content is designed for higher engagement, containing contextualized, animated,
Tootree gives the possibility to each students to express his difficulties, anonymously if he wants, and get help from his professors, classmates, and an international mutual-aid community. Professor
The Language Ambassadors
The Language Ambassadors visit schools and talk about their own unique and inspiring experiences with language learning. With the school visits, the students get a concrete understanding of the person
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Chatta is a method of teaching designed for use by both schools and families. The approach is very powerful for students with additional needs such as autism and dyslexia, for students learning new la
Platypus Theater
We are an independent Berlin-based theater group, which develops and produces English-language or bilingual plays for children and teenagers. We explore themes which interest us and which tie in with
Mother Tongue Education for Early Learners
We provide the training and develop the learning and teaching materials required, to teach learners in their mother tongue. We work to produce early reader books and other materials to support literac
Green Passport Goes Around the World (Hộ chiếu xanh đi quanh thế giới)
The scope of our work includes organizing online and offline events and training sessions at schools, universities, and companies, publishing educational books, teaching foreign languages, sharing inf
Billingual pedagogy in early childhood education
Bilingual education is a way to help children to get familiar with a new language. Both languages are used flexibly according to certain principles during the whole day, in both everyday situations an
Edthena is a video-powered professional learning platform for educators. Teachers upload videos of teaching, and colleagues provide timestamped feedback. Perfect for video observation, instructional c
Qobo - Screen Free Puzzle Coding Robot for Preschool/Kindergarten
LEGO Compatible;30x double-side Puzzle cards,math cards,music cards, maps for logical coding;PC Scratch coding, easily drag&play;Built-in battery supports>3 hours playtime after a single full charg
VideoWiki "Video Wikipedia for Learners and Creators"
We offer a tool for teachers. They copy-paste the content they want to convert to a video.A collaborative platform for learners and educators to secure learning continuity in times of restrictions and
Linguajoy Language Clubs
Linguajoy Language Clubs is a leading Finnish Foreign Language School that provides innovative language learning experiences for children and adults. We believe that language is an instrument that nee
Language Party
A language party is a fresh and intimate style of community-based gathering that celebrates the sea of languages spoken in our neighbourhoods, towns and cities. At any gathering, held anywhere in the
Think Bilingual Austin
Think Bilingual Austin seeks to build and strengthen community and economic opportunities in the greater Austin area by providing the public with easy access to information and services on bilingualis
Kiwa Digital
Kiwa Digital is a world-leading production house for experiential digital apps. We bring stories to digital life across languages and cultures, using our cutting edge technology to create immersive, i
Dulala is a national resource and training centre on bilingual and plurilingual education to promote inclusive educational projects. Aimed at educators working within the field of early childhood and
Comprehensively is a web-based educational application to promote deeper reading of texts for students. Comprehensively guides students through key passages of novels, poems and plays to help them und
Language Friendly School
A Language Friendly School is an answer to the increasing multilingualism present in schools across the world; a result of people migrating to other places seeking employment, reuniting with loved on
Dear You
Dear You connects children, their teachers, and artists internationally by making and sharing art with new friends from abroad. Through this process of exchange, a child’s worldview is widened and the
The goals of the Erasmus+ AVIOR project were to improve parental participation through the use of bilingual teaching materials, and to raise awareness and skills among teachers regarding multilinguali
Kielistigen (the Language Trail)
Kielistigen is a language trail in Finnish for Swedish-speaking kids. As a form of language-enriched education, the goal is to develop a general level of language awareness, and to create a positive a
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Global Minds Initiative
In schools across the United States and Canada, students from over 50 countries meet after school to combat intolerance and foster intercultural friendships. Designed, led, and run entirely by youth,
Language Showering in Jyväskylä
Language showering is a method of foreign language teaching where preschool teachers, at times, use target languages during the children’s everyday activities. The primary aim of the method is to prov
Norden i skolen (Norden in School)
Norden i skolen (Norden in School) is a free educational platform for the whole of Norden! The platform offers K12 educational material in all Nordic languages. Norden i skolen is a forum where Nordic
Babel Babies
Founded in 2011, Babel Babies offers parents/early years settings with children from birth to age 10 the chance to learn languages together. Songs and stories in ten different languages are at the hea
Write Our World
Write Our World is a new social enterprise that promotes multicultural literacy and global citizenship through ebook authoring with youth worldwide. Our innovative educational resource allows students
Innovación Docente MX
La iniciativa consistió en crear una Red Colaborativa de Innovación y Formación Docente, una comunidad virtual de aprendizaje que tiene como objetivo la creación de conocimiento social a través de la
Help our Heroes ~ Empowering teachers to integrate technology
If we want to see innovation in schools, we must get teachers to innovate with tech. Teachers may know how to use technology privately or for admin, but may not know how to integrate it into subject t
I am incredibly proud to share that we (SRHIN) have produced the #stopcovid19 Infographics in over 60 local languages ( to ensure that people have the right health informatio
The Svenska nu (Swedish now) Network
The Svenska nu (Swedish now) network brings the Finnish-speaking youth into genuine contact with the Swedish language and the Swedish-speaking culture. The mission is to improve the Swedish language s
DaMon Education
DaMon Education (pronounced as /dɑː mɔːn ˌɛd͡ʒʊˈkeɪʃn̩/) is an e-learning platform that connects learners with instructors and the first online knowledge exchange marketplace for Vietnamese people liv
Smart Revision ( e-learning)
Smart Revision is the largest Edtech technology company in Zambia that focuses on education-based services. Smart Revision has more than 27,000 users, managed more than 100 teachers offering service
Studi & Binogi
Studi is a multilingual, digital learning platform. On the basis of animated learning videos and quizzes, the subjects taught in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and social studies are availab
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