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WEB-nesday Featuring Tim Taylor from Mantle of the Expert


Join Tim Taylor, innovative teacher and trainer of the Mantle of the Expert approach, as he shares how to make learning irresistible for children.

Where and when is the webinar?

HundrED WEB-nesdays are via Facebook Live and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! You can access the Webinar by joining the HundrED Facebook page.

Join the conversation on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 18:00 (UTC).

Who is Tim Taylor?

Tim Taylor is a teacher, trainer, and author from Norwich, England. He has worked in schools for more than twenty-five years, promoting and developing Mantle of the Expert - a dramatic-inquiry approach to education that creates fictional contexts for learning in collaboration with students. 

Invented in the early 1980s by Dorothy Heathcote, Mantle of the Expert is an approach that engages children of all ages in the process of learning by creating meaningful and exciting scenarios where they take on the role of an expert team, solving problems and dealing with difficult situations. 

Inside the fiction the children are ‘protected’ from the consequences of real-world actions that would normally prevent them from getting involved in difficult or dangerous activities, by being inside a fiction that allows them to go anywhere, be anyone, do anything, at any time - archeologists exploring a tomb, divers rescuing children trapped in a cave, astronauts flying to Mars, park rangers caring for animals - the possibilities are limitless. Through the work that needs to be done - excavating the tomb, rescuing the children, planning the mission to Mars, caring for the animals - the teacher generates activities that create meaningful, urgent, and important reasons for the students to explore the curriculum. As well as developing skills and dispositions - collaboration, creative thinking, problem-solving, and resilience.

In recent years Mantle of the Expert has grown from being a research project into a fully-formed approach, developing practitioners all over the world. Tim has worked in New Zealand, across Europe, USA, and for the last ten years in Palestine, developing the approach and training teachers.

Currently, he is involved in projects in Iceland, the Middle East, New Zealand, Belgium, and the UK working with schools, universities, and other organizations. The projects Tim is involved with include: creating a Mantle of the Expert online context for ‘self-excluding’ teenagers, working with ToyLikeMe for children with disabilities, training teachers in Palestine, developing students teachers at various universities, as well as regularly teaching in schools.

In 2016, Tim published ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mantle of the Expert’. He writes regularly on the subject of drama in education and is the web manager for Mantleoftheexpert.com. Tim also runs a non-profit company, Inquiry for Life. 

You can learn more about our webinars by contacting our Global Community Manager, Pukhraj Ranjan, pukhraj@hundred.org