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WEB-nesday Featuring Summer Howarth From Education Changemakers


We're hosting our first HundrED Ambassador webinar tomorrow –February 28, 2018 9am (UTC+2, Helsinki). In this webinar we will be exploring Summer Howarth's work at Education Changemakers as well as our joint venture, the HundrED Spotlight in Victoria.

Who is Summer Howarth?

Summer is the Director of Learning and Event Design at Education Changemakers. She is also the Director of Educhange, Australia's most accessible education innovation event.

Summer is committed to finding and spreading teacher-led innovations, and has been an instrumental leader in Australia’s contribution to the OECD work on Student Engagement and Australia’s TeachMeet movement. She’s deeply passionate about education and actively connects with people who also want to improve the lives and learning outcomes of our young people. Summer has worked in every corner of the education landscape, from schools to universities to government.

Summer has been twice named on The Educator Annual Hotlist, advises the Global Educator Taskforce to the UN on Sustainable Development Goals and holds a Paul Harris Fellowship for her services to Education.

In her role as Director of Learning Design & Events for Education Changemakers, Summer works with teachers, students and community leaders to solve our toughest education challenges, turning good schools into great ones. While the focus of her work is across Australia, Summer has also taught in the USA and worked with students, teachers and principals across the world. Summer is a sought-after advisor & facilitator but quite simply loves kids, teachers and the teaching profession, and works to make sure everyone else does too.

In 2018, Summer and the EC team have designed Australia's most accessible learning event for education professionals. In its fifth year, Educhange is an event with heart, soul and purpose, reflective of the values of the education profession itself. We can't wait to showcase the HundrED spotlight on Victoria at Educhange 2018.


 Where and when is the webinar?

HundrED WEB-nesdays are via Facebook Live and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! You can join the Webinar by joining the HundrED Ambassadors Facebook group.


You can learn more about our webinars by contacting our Global Community Manager Pukhraj Ranjan, pukhraj@hundred.org