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Our burgeoning network of Innovators, Ambassadors and the entire HundrED Community have been eager to connect, share, and grow together. We’re thrilled to announce that our community is launching a new initiative - a series of Thematic Talks.

Thematic Talks are online discussions led by our Ambassadors on selected themes aligned to our research goals. Through these conversations, we aim to provide a space where individuals passionate about education can connect and engage in discussions around the state of education globally, creating awareness, sharing ideas and learning from fresh perspectives.

With our Sustainability Spotlight fast approaching, it seems only right that our first ever Thematic Talk be on that topic! As announced at SXSWEdu, HundrED has partnered with MUSE School, California, to launch a Spotlight on Sustainability that will address the central role education will play in creating a more sustainable world.

MUSE School’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. "Teaching, applying and advocating sustainability in schools is crucial to the future of our children's lives as well as the future of our planet," explains Suzy Amis Cameron, Co-Founder of the school. With a world population projected to hit 9.7 billion by 2050 and limited natural resources, it’s imperative that individuals and societies learn to live together sustainably.

So, join us for an interactive conversation on sustainability and innovation in education. The Sustainability Thematic Talk will take place on Zoom and will be hosted by Randi Kearney, HundrED Ambassador and teacher at MUSE School. Randi will be joined by Karen Maclean, co-founder of Den Grønne Friskole, the innovators behind Snail Based Learning, a model for structuring learning activities and projects that foster sustainable learning by integrating different 'ways of knowing'.

We warmly welcome you to take part in our first ever, interactive Thematic Talk. The conversation will take place via Zoom on Thursday May 10th, 1900 - 2030 UTC. Sign up here!