School-in-Focus: The Delta School

Tell us a little about your school.

We are an independent school serving ages 4-18 in mixed age group classrooms in the Mississippi Delta (USA). Our curriculum is deployed using projects that are designed using the Human Centered Design process. We believe every child has strengths, the thing that energizes them and therefore will keep them engaged. We activate strengths in a variety of ways, but one way is through use of a tool called the Strengths Illuminator and a program called Strengths Now! which is an online app that identifies students' strengths in relationships and activities helping them understand where they can best plug in to projects and how to provide advice to teammates as we move through the projects. At the heart of school is a maker's ethic and we have 6000 sq foot Maker's Space to support our work where student attend daily. Additionally, our science program centers around school garden where we grow plants and food and many of our projects have a focus on health, growth and innovation. We believe in play as a necessary way to spark the imagination. We have developed a Wonder Space, as a place for outdoor exploration and commit to an hour of daily play in this space. Our school believes that learning is best when it is applied to the world beyond the school. We focus our projects on the community and beyond.

Why do you want to be a HundrED School?

We want to both share ideas and our work and get ideas from others. We link our work to the greater world and we would like to partner on projects with other schools as well as help to advance the education revolution in any way we can.

What innovative things are happening in your school?



What kind of innovations are you looking for?

Authentic problem solving collaborative opportunities with students in other places. Ways to bring math learning into real-world applications.

Three HundrED innovations you love and why?

Earth Craft. This learning simulation seems very hands-on and engages students in learning about the world. We like team activities.

Go Pollock. This idea is wonderful as it places inquiry as a skill that can best get at the heart of critical thinking. It appears to subscribe to the important idea that questioning is a competency that can be individualized for maximum participation.

School Culture of Team Learning. We believe school culture is the most important ingredient in assuring success with students. This innovation seems to approach the culture from a strengths-based approach, which we are committed to at The Delta School.

Shared by JeniferFox, the Founding Head of the Delta School. 

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