School-in-Focus: Nguyen Hoang Group

Tell us a little about your school...

Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) is a self-contained education system from kindergarten to doctoral levels with branches located all over the nation. As one of the leading investors in private education in Vietnam, NHG has constructed and operated over 30 educational facilities in 12 provinces, meeting the needs of 30,000 students in the Group’s closed training system from Kindergarten to Ph.D.

NHG provides a student-centered learning environment which inspires students to become responsible global citizens and life-long learners whose graduates value integrity, cultural diversity, and the pursuit of academic excellence and patriotism through aligned American and Vietnamese curriculums.

The six core values that the school is geared towards students in the training:
• integrity
• collaboration
• respect
• initiative
• responsible
• lifelong learning

Why do you want to be a HundrED School?

We believe that no schools would be best and also does not have any schools entirely bad. Thus, we love becoming a HundrEd school to have the opportunity to connect with other schools worldwide. Whether it is a school in the region difficult or a school in a modern place has a much more interesting for us to learn. We also look forward to share the great things that we are doing. We believe that, together, we will make the world a better place through education.

What innovative things are happening in your school?

One of the highlights that we are doing is life skills education for students. This is the program is designed to help students improve their skills, to help them develop the personality to self, always adapt and integrate with the international community. In each school, each activity, the life skills are integrated to develop students day by day.

What kind of innovations are you looking for?

We look forward to our students, we will become global citizens in the future-this is still lacking in many schools in Vietnam. We believe that all students can and will learn to become capable 21st century leaders who are:

• Effective Communicators

• Collaborative Workers

• Critical Thinkers

• Life-long Learners

• Responsible Global Citizens

Therefore, we always want to search the creativity through collaboration with the teachers, schools worldwide. We look forward to their students can better understand the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations through this collaboration. When our students are connected with the world right from a young age then surely they will confidently steps out in the world when growing up.

Three HundrED innovations you love and why?

Voice 21

For us, every student has equal rights. Therefore, the children should have the opportunity to talk up their voice. Voice 21 very consistent with the views of our school education. When students are talking up their voice, they will feel confident in any situation. When was confident, success will come easily to them.


The difficulty that many schools in Vietnam are facing is classes are overcrowded. This makes for fewer students have the opportunity to interact with the teacher in class. Teachers are not also concerned the organization of activities for students to interact. Kahoot is a good solution that we choose to students more interested in learning, teachers are also easily get feedback from their students.

Hands On Learning

Only learn knowledge in textbooks that the lack of opportunities to practice is something that many schools are performing. This makes the lessons become unprofitable, sometimes is boring. The main learning through practice helped the children to remember longer knowledge as well as feel more meaningful learning. Students will understand that what they are learning to solve problems in life rather than to get the high score in the exam.

Shared by Nam Ngo Thanh - Head of technology expertise at Nguyen Hoang Group.

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