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Meet the HundrED Team: Lauren Wilson, Assistant Editor, HundrED


Tell us a little about yourself.

Ever since I was tiny, I have wanted to be involved with something that could 'change the world' and I have always gravitated towards education. I graduated in English Literature and then worked supporting primary education and special needs, something that I absolutely loved. Now I spend my days uniting two big passions, education and the written word! In my spare time I'm an avid reader and nature lover. 

Why do you like to work at HundrED?

HundrED’s mission is so positive, hopeful and inspirational. I love spending my days diving into all of the amazing things happening in education right now. It's a real privilege getting to celebrate the incredible people at the forefront of education change and helping their ideas to spread around the world. 

Why should we change our schools?

It’s been said many times that the world is changing and schools will need to keep up with this, which of course is true. I also think that schools have a unique place in shaping society; what happens in schools sows the seeds for what kinds of people and what kind of society will follow.

More than just keeping up with a changing world, schools need to change to speak to the inner world of children better, too. What do they need to flourish, and how can we provide the environment for that to happen?  Everyone's got different opinions and I love that this conversation is happening! I’d like to see more focus on holistic and personalized education to help every child be the best version of themselves, rather than focusing on how they rank compared to others. There's so many innovations out there working on this! 

Why is innovation in education crucial today?

Innovation helps people in education to refocus, refine and look again with a fresh perspective. With so many problems in the world, I really think we as humans need to step back and think about what kind of society we want and need. We have the power to be ambitious and audacious and that’s what innovation is all about.

Three HundrED innovations you love.

Mutt-i-grees - Teaching social and emotional learning using shelter dogs, I can't imagine a better day at school! 

Green Bronx Machine - Changing lives, shaping futures and boosting whole communities using the power of the plant! 

Global Oneness Project -Stunning multimedia stories exploring social justice, environmentalism etc through a humanistic lens. 

Keep up to date?

Email: lauren@hundred.org

Twitter: @Laur3n_Wilson