Meet the HundrED Team: Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Head of Global Research

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Jessica, Head of Global Research at HundrED based in our London Office. I have an eclectic background working on projects in research, education & the arts since 2011.

The foundation of my work has stemmed from a combination of academic pursuits with a Masters in Psychology, Social Research & Child Development and practical experience from 5 years as an educator, in roles such as Head of Pupil Premium Interventions and SEND assistant. 

I currently lead a team of researchers to understand educational innovation, for scale and impact, around the world. Every year we seek & research thousands of educational projects for selection to the Global 100 inspiring innovations & to gain an in-depth understanding of work in this field.

Why do you want to work at HundrED?

With a background as an educator & a researcher, I’m equally passionate about improving the face of education & conducting useful social research. My role at HundrED is the perfect balance of this!

As the time has passed my love for working at HundrED has only grown. I feel inspired every day by the amazing individuals, teams & ideas changing the face of education every day.

Opportunities to learn, travel & grow amongst a team of ambitious, passionate colleagues makes this position particularly special. I think it’s vital to tackle key questions about innovation in education, involving youth voice & researching inspirational innovations from around the globe. Our education is the foundation for life & I truly believe it does, and can, change the world.

Why should we change our schools?

Our mission is to help children flourish in life, no matter what happens.

Not one education system, expert, educator or young person we have interviewed, or I have personally spoken to, believe that education today does that. Wherever they are in the world.

My personal experience in schools drove my desire to understand what can be done to improve education, especially in traditional systems where freedom to create personalized, passion-based, child-centric education can feel impossible. Until education is valuable for every child, improving education will be an ongoing mission.

Why is innovation in education crucial today?

As showcased in recent research by Brookings, the potential of education innovations to rapidly accelerate progress is alive and real.

From our work at HundrED we know that innovators are already providing amazing ways to improve the major needs in education today, from teachers in the classroom to nonprofits, policymakers to school leaders. Their passion & expertise is a force to believe in.

With thousands of examples around the world demonstrating this valuable change it’s crucial we support their mission to provide education equitably and spread this goal, with our passionate community, around the world.

Three HundrED innovations you love.

This is a tough one… I was asked recently which were my favourites and found it impossible to pick!

I am particularly passionate about personalized whole school models, enhancing empathy, and innovations that put arts at the forefront of what they do. Therefore I’d have to say:

Templestowe College

Roots of Empathy

Trix and Trax

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Twitter: @jspencerkeyse