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Innovator WEB-nesday With The Mehackit Team


Our next HundrED Innovator webinar will be on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 11:00 (UTC). Join Telma, Mehackit's Summer Intern as she takes you from one checkpoint to another hosted by the Mehackit staff in a 'Mehackit Creative Technology  Mini-Workshop'!

What is Mehackit?

Mehackit, a technology education start-up, was founded in 2014.

Our dream is to support educators and secondary school students to get creative, confident and curious about technology. Our services - educator training, school courses, workshops and events - all contribute towards discovering the joys of creative technology. We share the vision with our corporate citizenship partner Samsung - to make technology a force for good in the world! 

Our pedagogy is based on working with 100 secondary schools and hundreds of teachers in Finland during the past 4 years. We have also been active internationally, for example, in Codebus Africa project. We want to answer to the increasing requests from around the world, partly thanks to the attention we got after getting selected as one of the 100 global innovations in education by HundrED. In autumn 2017 we participated in the XEdu Accelerator program for edtech startups and got started with building Mehackit Educator Online Training Program with a badge system. 

Follow "Ice Cream and Technology with Telma" in Instagram and Twitter profile @telmahackit. Check also out the blog to get behind the scenes!! She is going to explore the evolving fields of technology and education, two fast-developing worlds. If you’re curious about the same topics, or if you simply love ice cream, follow her!

During the Facebook live, you will take part in "Mehackit Creative Technology WEB-nesday Mini-Workshop"! Just lean forward & be curious and we will take you from one checkpoint to the next in our office! Your host will be our summer intern Telma, who is working on “Ice Cream and Technology with Telma”, our social media campaign, during June - August. The checkpoints will be hosted by our team members. You will get an invitation to claim your own badge in the end!

Where and when is the webinar?

HundrED Innovator WEB-nesdays are via Facebook Live and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! You can access the Webinar on our HundrED official Facebook page.

Join the conversation on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 11:00 (UTC) or 14:00 (EEST).


You can learn more about our webinars by contacting our Global Community Manager, Pukhraj Ranjan, pukhraj@hundred.org