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HundrED Schools


We are looking for passionate schools and school teams from all around the world to join our HundrED School Network.

HundrED Schools are a global network of innovative educators and empowered students who are willing to experiment, dialogue and innovate. They also learn about inspirational education innovations before anyone else and use opportunities to connect with others who share their passion and values.

As a HundrED School there is no pressure to implement the innovations but if you wish to do so, it is entirely at your own discretion – after all, you know your school best. Additionally, there are many benefits to being part of this global network, like early access to global innovations, connections to like-minded educators and schools, and networking opportunities. As a part of this community, you will also have an online platform to share your own innovations and inspire other schools from around the world.

Our goal is to have HundrED schools in every country by 2020. If you are interested in becoming a HundrED School, please fill a submission form here.

Together we can shape the future of education.