The Year 2019 In A Nutshell

22.12.2019 | BY KATIJA ALADIN

Tis' the season for celebrating! Check out some of the key insights from this year.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost nipping at your nose... well that's how I'm spending Christmas in Canada! I am extremely excited to be writing this Christmas article. December is a month packed full of holidays, and no matter what you celebrate it's a great time to reconnect and give thanks to the amazing people in your life. 

At HundrED, we are lucky to have such a robust, passionate and enthusiastic community of innovators, funders, implementers, Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors that represent every continent in the world! How many people can say that?! We see our community as more than just a community but as friends and family that support, help, and encourage each other to continue to push the envelope and truly reach our goal of every child to flourish by the year 2030. We therefore extend our warmest thank you to everyone who has been on our journey with us, whether you are new or have been travelling alongside us for a while, we are grateful for you!

Check out some of the key insights from this year.

HundrED Community 

  • 1.06 K education innovation pages published on 
  • 880 K times education innovations have been viewed on 
  • 188 M students used education innovations listed on 


Global Collection 2020

  • 2008 reviews made by our Academy Members 
  • 448 Education Funders researched to create the HundrED Funders Collection 

HundrED Ambassador Community 

  • 401 Ambassadors from 80 countries
  • 77 Youth Ambassadors from 27 countries


HundrED Spotlights 

  • 3 regional Spotlights (Pittsburgh, Switzerland & Qatar)
  • 5 thematic Spotlights (Digital Wellbeing, Employability, Financial Skills for Youth, TVET & Bilingual Education


HundrED Stories of Change

Otsimo’s co-founder Zafer Elcik was selected to "40 under 40 Business People of the Year” by Fortune Turkiye.

Kide Science in its second year of existence has hosted stress-free and playful science education live lessons with 3-8-years-old children in 6 countries and has made deals to another 7 countries for  2020!

Design for Change hosted over 2500 young changemakers from more than 40 countries around the world for the four-day ‘I CAN Children’s Global Summit’ at the end of November 2019 in Rome!

*Stay tuned for the full collection of the HundrED stories of change, released on December 27th. 

A big thank you to our HundrED community for making this year a success. Happy holidays to you all! 


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