Vladimir Spivakovsky

Vladimir Spivakovsky

Kiev, UA

Founder of Edu Future, President of Grand Corporation and Lyceum Grand, Founder of the Brand of the Year national Contest, author of 7 best-selling books, author of the educational platform 7W and 7*******- Star Global School Network, finalist of international educational contests, twice record-holder of The Guinness World Records Book.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Empower Playgrounds
A unique off-the-grid power solution for schools: children play on a merry-go-round that charges lanterns, which the students can take home and use to study in small groups.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Big Picture Learning
Big Picture Learning makes personalized education more manageable by breaking students up into small groups, called an advisory. Each advisory is supported and lead by an advisor, a teacher that works